Those Fear-Mongering Republicans Want to Kill You!

“Republicans,” writes Robert Reich for, “are well practiced in the politics of fear and the logistics [of] the big lie. The challenge for Obama and Biden and for the rest of us over the next four weeks is to counter their fearsome lies with the truth.”

It is hard to imagine a more egregious, offensive, fear-inducing claim than if Republicans win the election, they are going to bring back slavery (“They gon’ put ya’ll back in chains!” Biden infamously said to a disproportionately black audience).

Is this one of the “truths” that Mr. Reich instructs Democrats to combat as Republican fear-mongering? That if Romney lies and says he has no plan of re-enslaving the blacks, President Obama must fire back with, “Yes you are, it’s detailed right on your website”?

The cup of Reich’s column runneth over with irony. His thesis is that Romney is now ahead in the polls because he has been able to strike an unnatural fear of Obama into the hearts of voters and Obama has failed to counter his scary lies with facts.

So Reich’s plan? Make voters afraid of that fear-mongering Romney:

There’s clear reason for Democrats and Independents to fear Romney and Ryan — their reverse Robin Hood budgets that take from the poor and middle class and reward the rich; their determination to do away with Medicare and Medicaid, as well as Dodd-Frank constraints on Wall Street, and ObamaCare; their opposition to abortion even after rape or incest; their rejection of equal marriage rights; their support for “profiling” immigrants; and their disdain of the “47 percent,” to name a few.

And the thought of the next Supreme Court justices being picked by someone who thinks corporations are people should strike horror in the mind of any thinking American.

Be afraid of those spreaders of fear, be very afraid! And fight their lies with my lies!

I’ll take three of Reich’s points:

First, why would anybody other than a Democrat want to steal money away from one class of people and give to another class of people? I don’t intend to debate whether Reich is right or wrong regarding the Romney-Ryan budget plan, but he is wrong and you should not take my word for it — nor Mr. Reich’s — but read up on what most economists say.

Second, why would Romney, by way of Ryan’s Medicare plans, want to take away Medicare when Ryan’s own mother depends on Medicare? Romney and Ryan want to give life to that program; if it continues on the current path, the program collapses. Romney wants to save it. Obama wants to drain it to fund Obamacare, a law that most Americans don’t want (so, please, Mr. Reich, keep telling Americans Romney wants to repeal it).

Third, both Romney and Ryan support abortion in cases of rape and incest. They have made this publicly known for quite a while. How Mr. Reich, a member of the media, completely missed this bullet-point is beyond me.

And how much longer must we endure the sky-is-falling hysteria that Romney wants to outlaw birth control? This is not considered spreading fear and lies? Let me repeat it so you can hear just how patently absurd it sounds: Mitt Romney wants to outlaw birth control. There are people out there who actually believe this! Even more depressingly, they have voter cards.

Why do people believe that Romney wants to steal from poor people, wants to re-institute slavery, wants to outlaw birth control, and wants to kill senior citizens? It is not because of anything Romney or Ryan have said. It is because of the media and the Obama campaign.

“Republicans are well practiced in the politics of fear,” Mr. Reich? Really? Not nearly as practiced as the Democrats. Perhaps you can give Republicans a lesson.