Thought Experiment: Affordable Care Act Is Really Obama Playing Knockout Game With Middle Class

In case you haven’t heard, the “knockout game” is where one in a group of young thugs suddenly hits a passerby without warning to see if he can knock that person out. One recent instance:

Police have arrested a 15-year-old and are searching for a second suspect in connection with a “knockout” attack in Northeast Philadelphia earlier this month…

The victim in the November 11th assault told Eyewitness News that he was walking out of a pizza shop when he was attacked.

“Someone asked me for a cigarette and by the time I got my hands out my pocket, I was getting hit by four kids,” Mark Cumberland explained.

Cumberland said he is still having difficulty seeing and has trouble breathing and swallowing.

“There’s no reason at all. I mean, I didn’t get robbed, they didn’t take nothing from me. They just beat me up.”

I was thinking about the knockout game when I saw that USA Today has run a story confirming what I wrote about in October:

Sweeping differences in health care exchange pricing among states and counties is leading to sticker shock for some middle-class consumers and others who aren’t eligible for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act…

The premiums for bronze-level plans are generally the least expensive, but “the deductibles are simply not affordable,” says Laura Stack, a former financial analyst looking for full-time work and using her 401k to pay for health insurance. “Many will not be able to afford the per person deductibles before insurance begins to pay. What are you really paying for?”

About 4.4 million people in the individual insurance market are not eligible for the subsidies and tax credits that can help cover premiums and out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles.

Insurance brokers and “navigators” helping people apply for insurance say there are shockingly high prices for some consumers who aren’t eligible for subsidies. Without much competition in some states and because they know so little about their new customers, insurers may have priced higher than they would have otherwise.

As much as I believe in government incompetence, I am starting to wonder if some of this was not intentional. Did Obama or his controllers believe they could get away with massively burdening a few million middle class Americans? It just seems like gratuitous violence to me.

The other reason this seems similar to the knockout game is the way liberals, even those who now realize they are being hurt, feel obligated to support the president. Consider this young woman who was punched in the head by a punk playing this game. Talking to Greta Van Susteren, she began excusing her attackers!

At the end of her segment, Connolly used her platform to ramble on in a ridiculous, naive and distinctly Gen-Y speech about the importance of youth programs.

“I ultimately, I’ve moved past it and I really have no hard feelings about what has happened. And I just see it as another reason why we need to better support our youth with activities and youth programs, which is actually what I do for work, and it’s great to see teenagers do incredible things when they’re supported and empowered,” Connolly said.

Somehow that seems like a perfect illustration of a middle-class liberal defending Obama even as the Affordable Care Act eviscerates his finances.