Three Armed Intruders, One Armed Homeowner and Wife

How many bullets does a man need in his handgun for multiple armed intruders?

We should have “common-sense gun laws” like a limit of ten or even seven rounds in a magazine. Haven’t we heard that constantly for gun controllers? Why do you need those extra rounds? No one needs more!

So save this story for those who are open to rational discussion.

A husband and wife who live in Marshall County, Oklahoma, were invaded by at least three armed intruders. The news story mentions four suspects, but homeowner Eddie Gilmore definitely remembers three. Perhaps the fourth stayed outside as lookout. The ones who broke into the house grabbed Cindy, the wife. One of the masked intruders took her to a back room as she screamed, holding a gun to her head.

They also ordered Eddie down on the floor at gunpoint.

Eddie obeyed. He dropped down between the couch and the coffee table, where he kept a handgun.

You do the math: three armed intruders on one homeowner. How many bullets should Eddie have been limited to? Can someone find a way to ask that question of Michael Bloomberg and his hirelings?

According to KXII News 12,

That’s when, Gilmore says, he started shooting in every direction he could, hitting two of the subjects. The suspects fired back, but neither Eddie or Cindy were hurt.

“They had a gun to her head,” Eddie Gilmore said, “They could’ve killed her and come right in here and killed me if I hadn’t had a gun.”

Marshall County Undersheriff Danny Cryer said he thought Eddie Gilmore did what he had to do to protect himself and his wife.

Cryer said the suspects ran from the home on Bell Creek Road, and once the intruders were gone, the Gillmores called 911.

“We were able to detain three different persons this morning who were involved in that home invasion,” Cryer said.

Good thing this crime was not perpetrated in Colorado!

I don’t know for sure how many times Eddie pulled the trigger. Some of his bullets were misfires. Perhaps he only had a revolver.  But even if he managed to survive using fewer rounds, that was just luck. You want as much of an advantage as possible. You don’t want politicians to limit your life-saving bullets in such situations.

The fact is obvious: Everyone who wants ammunition limits is demanding that people like Eddie and Cindy Gilmore get killed.

Laisez-faire! Leave our gun magazines alone!