Ticketed for Texting while Sitting in a Drive-Thru

This happened in Canada, not the U.S., but we know that in both countries texting-while-driving laws are just revenue collection schemes. So nothing about this story would be impossible in any state in the Union with the same law.

Fox 2 News in St. Louis reports,

We all know the dangers of texting while behind the wheel but many drivers still do it. Especially during stops or times when they are not on the roads.

A Canadian man did just that. He replied to a text while waiting in a drive-thru lane.

A.J. Daoust usually knows what to expect in this Beaumont Tim Hortons drive through, place an order, pay and pick up. Earlier this week, something he did not see coming.

“I was just sitting there and i got a text, i replied to it….”

After texting, Daoust says a police officer knocked on his window, asked him to pull over and gave him a $287 ticket for distracted driving.

“I just asked him like, in a drive-thru, really?”

The legislation prohibits the use of a phone on ‘any’ thoroughfare, public or private that the public is ordinarily entitled to use for the passage of vehicles.

“To me, this is ridiculous. It’s just kind of heavy-handed.”

The level of enforcement is a surprise to some who use phones in drive-thrus.

“If we’re sitting, waiting for coffee, i think we should be able to just check our phones right there in the drive-thru.”

Interesting statement: “I think we should be able to…” We now have to ask permission to do things that don’t harm others and don’t even endanger others. How did we get to this point?

Perhaps you live in a state that doesn’t yet have a no-texting-while-“driving”-or-we-will-plunder-you law. But if a cop can make up a rule against eating a burger while driving, there is no reason a police officer couldn’t innovate a rule against texting.