To Fight Discrimination, Two Mayors Ban Indiana

No one must be permitted to decide with whom they do business, so two mayors tell city employees they must ban Indiana from their travel.

Indiana’s state affirmation of the First Amendment continues to be attacked as a bill legalizing “discrimination.”

I guess this means that the people who attack Indiana in this inaccurate way must really hate discrimination. They must believe that you must never refuse to do business with someone or some group on the basis of any moral problems you might have with how that person or group is behaving.

Well, no, these attackers are completely in favor of the right of free association when it serves their own purposes. They just don’t want to allow that same freedom to others.

For example, the Blaze reports: “Mayors of Two Major U.S. Cities Ban Municipal Employees From Publicly Funded Travel to Indiana.”

Joining the protests over Indiana’s religious freedom law, the mayors of Seattle and San Francisco have banned city employees from travel to the Hoosier State using public funds.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, a Democrat, made his announcement Saturday, ABC News reported.

“Seattle has been a leader in the fight to protect civil rights and ensure equality for all people — no matter who you are, or who you love,” Murray said in a statement. ”This is why I am ordering that none of our taxpayer dollars should go toward supporting this discriminatory law.”

Murray’s ban followed a similar action by San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee, also a Democrat, on Thursday, Politico reported.

“We stand united as San Franciscans to condemn Indiana’s new discriminatory law,” Lee said in a statement. “San Francisco taxpayers will not subsidize legally-sanctioned discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by the State of Indiana.”

Yes, both mayors just instituted discriminatory policies in order to protest allegedly discriminatory policies.

Except that, even if these false portrayals were true, Indiana isn’t actually discriminating. They are saying that people have the right of free association—the same right that these mayors are exercising in banning travel to Indiana.

But in reality, Indiana is not even permitting the basic right of free association. The state is merely affirming the First Amendment.

Which is the real target of the mayors’ protests.