Today Is “Consider Not Killing Your Baby But It Is Totally Up to You” Day

I remember back in 2008 reading scathing attacks on Sarah Palin for “intentionally” bringing a Down syndrome child into the world. I don’t want to understate how evil it is that most Down syndrome babies are murdered in utero or that it is legal to do so in most countries—most egregiously, in the countries that boast in being “democratic” and who impose their so-called values on other nations.

But even if this only reaches the level of sentiment, I’m thrilled to see this ad for World Down Syndrome week.

The most bittersweet moment for me is the end line: “Everyone has the right to be happy.” Yes it is a sweet sentiment, but it is deficient. It is a grotesque parody of the Declaration of Independence’s “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The right to be happy in abstract can be used to justify snuffing out a life and often is. The fact is, sometimes someone else’s life gets in the way of our pursuit of happiness (or else we expect it to do so). The bedrock command that we are restricted from murdering people in order to pursue our happiness gets thrown by the wayside for Down syndrome children. Ignoring the very real fact of fetal pain we figure that the preborn are not really aware so that their happiness is not violated if we pursue our alleged “right to be happy” by giving them over to death.

To see what I mean see Erin Gloria Ryan’s post at She writes,

In the run up to World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st, an advocacy organization has released an ad called Dear Future Mom that made me cry ugly, ugly tears.

But it is not her tears that are ugly, other than being devoid of repentance. It is her words that are truly ugly, in which she justifies the gratuitous legal right to hire a killer (yes, with an M.D. in some cases) to dismember one of these children in the womb. Her euphemisms for killing are ugly

  • But personal experiences aren’t universal, and it’s unfair to judge or attempt to cajole women about the choices they make about their families.
  • Raising a child with DS can be emotionally expensive and financially draining — and it’s not up to me to tell other people how they should or should not form their families.

Kill babies. We should never ever stop people who want to kill their babies. Ugly tears indeed.

When you read this stuff you realize we live on a planet of self-righteous killers. These people will pat themselves on the back for appreciating a video about a few survivors who managed to get through the human hunting ground where they had no recourse to the law. But it isn’t about loving them sacrificially. It has never been about that. It has never been about these Down syndrome individuals being proper ends in themselves who have their own intrinsic worth apart from their usefulness to anyone else. It has always been that there are a few Down syndrome kids born to mothers who have the right amount of wealth or time to enjoy them. So they get to live, legally speaking, because they fit in with the family and can bring them the joy of their company. Everyone else gets scraped apart.

No one knows what they can handle or endure until it is forced upon them. The big lie here is that the person doing the forcing is the pro-life advocate. But the rule to not kill people, especially one’s own children, is not an artificial imposition. It is the basic code by which people are supposed to live.

Smiling children are no substitute for recognizing the command: “You shall do no murder.”