Tom Coburn is Fighting for Your Future

Tom Coburn argues that we need to call for a Convention of States.

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Tom Coburn beat his head against the wall in the U.S. Senate for ten years. He left early because he was convinced the Capitol was not the place where real change for the nation is even possible anymore.

Tom Coburn has Stage 4 cancer. The man has every right to simply go home, and either focus on winning his battle against cancer, or at least enjoy the final days he has remaining in this life.

Instead, he’s traveling the nation, helping State Legislatures understand, and call for, a Convention of States as provided for under Article V of the Constitution.

A partial transcript:

VAN SUSTEREN: First of all. Do you agree Washington is dysfunctional?

COBURN: Oh yeah.


COBURN: But it doesn’t matter which party is in charge.

VAN SUSTEREN: So what happened? How can we fix this?

COBURN: Well, you know, I think — I spent 10 years up here in the Senate and left early because I don’t see a solution in the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress to fix what’s wrong with our country. If you look at history, all republics eventually fail over the same thing, which is fiscal issues. We identified over $400 billion of pure waste, fraud, or duplication, none of which got eliminated under — and we have both presidents that were Republican with House and Senate Republican, we have Democrat presidents with Democrats in control, we had every mix in-between. People with power tend not to want to give that power up. We are far away from what our founders thought we should be.

VAN SUSTEREN: But I don’t understand. I would think what a great topic to run on. How you can hate — it’s like nobody hates puppies. Nobody hates kittens. How could you hate or not want to vote for someone who is trying to get rid of waste and fraud? How can you can be for waste and fraud?

COBURN: Well, you are not. You are protecting what benefits your next election cycle. They are not for it. They just don’t want to be — they don’t want — every one of these programs, every bit of this waste has a constituency. That’s why our founders actually, in their wisdom, they gave us a constitutional way to address this. That’s what I’m working on now. It’s an Article V convention of states. It’s not a constitutional convention. It’s a convention of states where we come together and we realign what was intended to be the relationship between the states and the federal government. So we limit the scope and jurisdiction of the power of the federal government. So we know how we got astray. The founders were very worried about that. That’s what the Federalist Papers were all about. That’s what they wrote about. And so they put in the Constitution, Article V. And so what I’m working with is a group, as a senior advisor with a group of people, 200,000 around the country, to try to pass the same request for a convention of the states in 34 states, and to start putting some limits. And —

VAN SUSTEREN: I should say, is the website if you want to read about it.

COBURN: It is. It’s a very thorough website. All the questions have been raised. What I hear from conservatives. Well, we can’t do it, it might not be successful, it might be run away. You know, 69 of the 99 legislative bodies in the states are controlled right now by Republicans. But, forget that. People in the country, outside of Washington, have a lot of common sense.

Tom Coburn is investing his days, fighting for your liberty. God bless him.