Tom DeLay Conviction Overturned But Not Before Being Destroyed

You don’t have to be guilty of anything to be destroyed by liberals,and Tom DeLay will be one of the first to let you in on the secret. You can be charged with a crime and then be required to spend all your money defending yourself. This works quite well when there’s a political system that will back the political establishment. It happened to Tom DeLay when he took on the Democrat power structure in his district.

The following is from my good friend Dr. Steven F. Hotze, Chief Executive Officer of Hotze Enterprises, who has been involved in Texas politics all his life and is a strong conservative:

Here is great news! This morning the Texas 3rd Appellate Court in Austin overturned former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s conviction of violating election laws.

Tom was a stalwart conservative and Christian leader in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1984 until 2006. He represented House District 22 in Texas.

Because Tom successfully led the redistricting fight in Texas in 2002 for better representation for the Republicans, he became the political target of the socialist liberal democrats. By law Texas election cases must be brought into the liberal enclave of Austin, Travis County, Texas. The Democrat Travis County District Attorney, Ron Earle, had to bring his charges to 5 separate Travis County grand juries before he could get an indictment. This was a political payback to Tom by the Democrats.

Tom is an American patriot who has demonstrated the courage of his convictions. Conservatives and Republicans should honor him for the investment that he made to our cause.

May God prosper Tom and raise him up again to provide leadership to the conservative movement.

Please review former State Representative Brad Wright’s letter which follows.

From Brad Wright:

After more than eight years Tom DeLay’s conviction was reversed this morning by the Third Court of Appeals in Austin on a 2 – 1 vote. Justice Melissa Goodwin wrote the opinion. Chief Justice Woodie Jones, a Democrat (who is retiring), dissented.

The whole prosecution was political punishment for redistricting.

Republicans ought to be outraged by this case . . . including the three Republican appellate judges who ran away hearing the case as Tom’s life slipped away.

Tom is 66 years old, has no money, and no earning capacity was long as this conviction hung over his head. His wife has suffered from depression since this witch hunt began. Tom committed no crime, realized no gain, and was forced from the position that he loved. Tom was only guilty of pursuing a redistricting plan that finally treated Republicans fairly.

The Legislature should transfer the Public Integrity function from the Travis County DA to the Attorney General of Texas and give elected officials the right to be tried in their home county rather than in crazy Travis County. This sort of political vendetta will happen again if nothing is done.

When liberals can’t win at the polls, they will destroy you in the media and the courts.