Tomorrow Morning Will Be “Dancing With The Obamacare Stars”: Prepare For Lots Of Spinning!

Sunday Morning will be a test to see how far the Obama Administration can count on the stupidity of the American people. With the initial rollout of being so horrifically, almost mythically, bad, Obama boldly promises the website would be fixed by November 30. Since that time, he and his compatriots have pushed out a changing message to make a promise to fix the website morph into a promise to improve the website.

As USA Today puts it in telling us what to expect on the Sunday morning news shows.

Top Obama administration officials vowed that glitches with the health insurance enrollment website,, would be fixed by Saturday “for the vast majority” of people. Did they meet that deadline? Health care experts and lawmakers will talk about the latest developments with the Affordable Care Act’s rollout.

So USA Today is claiming that whether or not the website was fixed is an open question and that the answer to that question can reasonably be argued to be “yes.” In my opinion that is self-refuting. If you have to admit that it is open for debate whether or not you fixed your website, then your promise to fix it has not been kept.

USA Today’s own report on the website says that Obama kept his promise “sort of.” has doubled its user capacity and eliminated many bugs in time for today’s deadline, when the Obama administration pledged the problematic website would operate smoothly “for the vast majority” of people trying to access the site.

Jeffrey Zients, who is leading a technical team charged with fixing the website after its disastrous Oct. 1 rollout, said capacity is being increased to 50,000 simultaneous users and more than 800,000 total consumer visits a day.

That would allow about 1.84 million people to “comfortably” sign up for health insurance coverage through the federal exchange by Dec. 23, or in time for Jan. 1 coverage, he said at a White House briefing. Potentially more than 9.5 million people could sign up before March 31, or the end of the 2014 enrollment period.

So there are fifty million people without health insurance and easily fifty million are losing their health insurance (followed up by another eighty million) and the website might potentially be able to sign up 9.5 million. Let’s see Obamacare’s apologist dance around those numbers.

Or better yet, let’s not. Go to church, instead, and affirm your loyalty to the real ruler of the world who does not lie or fail to keep His promises.