What about the Torture Report Obama wants to Hide?

There is another torture report and this one the Administration wants to keep secret.

Scales of Justice

So we all know that Democrats have released a fairly partisan document about torture. Torture seems to have been the intelligence equivalent of Obamacare—a method invented by experts that would take care of our problems (though unlike medical care, national defense is actually a Constitutional duty and power of the Federal Government).

But while we are learning about the one report, there is another report that seems interesting because no one wants to release it.

Allgov.com reports, “Obama Administration Fights to Keep Details of Justice Department Torture Report Secret.”

While the media parsed the details of the Senate committee’s report on Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) torturing of detainees last decade, the Obama administration was fighting in court to prevent documents from another investigation into the spy agency’s program from being examined by a leading national newspaper.

The New York Times has sued in federal court to obtain thousands of pages from a U.S. Department of Justice probe into the torture of detainees by the CIA during the George W. Bush administration. The materials that the newspaper wants to see include “10 reports and memorandums totaling 1,719 pages — more than three times the number of pages in the Senate report,” wrote the Times’ Charlie Savage, who is a party to the lawsuit. The documents in question include transcripts of interviews by a special prosecutor with about 100 witnesses as well as documents explaining why no charges were ever filed.

The Justice probe into the CIA program was conducted by prosecutor John H. Durham, who spent four years delving into the controversy but ultimately recommended to Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. to not file charges against the agency or any of its employees or contractors. Holder followed Durham’s suggestion and refrained from going after the CIA.

I have to admit, their reasoning for saying the report should remain secret makes some sense. They believe they got honest statements from people, but they got these statements due to an expectation that the report would stay private. They claim revealing the report would basically make such investigations much more difficult—that people will refuse to be honest because they will not want their names and deeds made known.

That being said, if torture is really illegal then laws need to be enforced. Otherwise, the laws are just PR and don’t mean anything. Either change the laws or enforce them.