Tragedy in Ukraine: Interventionism is Arrogance & Stupidity

When tragedy or injustice occurs, I fully understand the impulse to “do something.” Yet wisdom demands that whatever action we undertake be a “right” response, too.

I watched in disbelief Monday morning as a CNN reporter railed about the lack of American “boots on the ground” at the crash sight of MH17 in eastern Ukraine. He remarked how quickly we were able to get troops in action at other locations, why not here?

Well, let’s see… was this an American plane? No. Was it filled with American citizens? I’ve only seen a report saying one dual-national.

Why in the world would anyone be so insane as to suggest inserting American military presence into a foreign conflict where we have no direct-interest, and wherein we would be face-to-face with Russian and Russian-backed troops? This is asking for the start of WWIII.

This reporter was acting as a complete fool or as a propaganda tool for fools in the American elite. Yes, this is a grave atrocity, but we have no business getting involved. If Dutch or Malaysian authorities want to put their own boots on the ground to secure the site, and ensure some level of integrity to the investigation, that is a risk for them to determine in consultation with Ukraine.

How would we in the United States react if an Aeroflot plane went down in our territory and Putin sent in Russian military? Yeah, not so well, I hazard to say. Let’s apply the same standard of careful reasoning to this situation before being emotionally-goaded by fools into a monumentally stupid decision.