Transgender America Wants Your Kids to Drink the Kool-Aid

Yes, Transgender America deserves the Jim Jones reference because we are in the power of a seriously delusional and dangerous cult.

A father needs to model many things to his son, including a basic confidence in himself, a proper attitude of respect for his health, and a concern for others rather than an obsessive focus on himself.

And yes, he needs to be the masculine parent for the sakes of both his sons and daughters.

So now the media is pushing life with a transgender father and son… and by “the media” I mean ABC Family:

Here’s the headline: “‘Becoming Us’ Follows Teen Adjusting to Parent’s Gender Transition.”

Ben, from Evanston, Ill. is your typical 17-year-old. He goes to school, hangs out with his girlfriend, and enjoys spending time with his family. But there’s something unique about Ben’s situation: His father is becoming a woman.

Ben and his father are the subject of the new ABC Family docuseries Becoming Us. From Ryan Seacrest Productions, Becoming Us centers on Ben, who watches as his dad Charlie divorces his mom and begins the gender transition into Carly, a woman. But the series will also focus on Ben’s girlfriend Danielle, whose father is also undergoing a gender transition.

“I want to be able to provide guidance for kids who are going through it,” Ben told People. “Maybe this will help them being able to deal with it.”

Right. TV shows on major networks always try to serve a percent of a percentile of the population.

No, this is to spread among the population a complete disregard for biology and reproduction and family in order to push the power of the state against its rival social institution. With the state using civil rights law to effectively outlaw Christianity in society, this means it also functions as propaganda to help the state deal with its real rival social institution, the Christian Church. This is Transgender America because transgender serves to promote the naked power of politics and deny all limits.

This is why complaints about conservatives commenting on Bruce Jenner miss the point. We don’t have the option of ignoring him. He’s an ambassador for public policy. You may think you don’t care, but you don’t have that luxury. You will be made to care in Transgender America.

More to the point, your children will be made to care at the age when they are most vulnerable to sexual confusion. Even if you can prevent them from watching the show, their classmates and friends will tell them about it, and social media and will spread it among them.

And by the way, do you think the media will ever report on any sexual or other scandals on these people? Ha! That only happens to the enemies of the regime.

This is a serious threat. You had better treat it that way.