Transgender Feminism Is Beyond Satire

Nothing a conservative could write to make up a satirical story about transgender feminism can be more foolish than reality.

The post appears on a website that purports to be about “Everyday Feminism.” “My Partner Came Out As a Man – And I Struggled With Losing My Lesbian Identity.”

Kendra Lee writes of her homosexuality when she first “discovered” herself:

My parents, on the other hand, weren’t as thrilled. They spent years praying it was just a phase (spoiler: it wasn’t). They wanted grandkids and for me to have a normal life. Finding a man who would love me and care for me was one of their primary goals.

When I turned my back on what they saw as a traditional life, they believed I was sentencing myself to a life devoid of happiness, that I’d find this “lifestyle” lacking the fulfillment that a heterosexual marriage could offer me.

While they were fretting away about my future, I was having a gay old time in college. My girlfriend and I eventually stumbled into the cultural phenomenon that is the gay bar scene. It was kitschy and fun. It was boozy, rowdy, sexy… and there were drag queens! We’d found our people. We had a blast. We were happy. We loved each other. We excelled in school. We knew we had a future. We weren’t worried at all.

And then we split up.

The loss of that first all-consuming love is heartbreaking. And boy, did I embrace being heartbroken.

I ramped up my booze intake. I went back to those gay bars, looking for a connection, looking to lose myself in the moment. I found those things sometimes. Sometimes I made a complete fool of myself (heartbreak and booze are a dicey combo). But when I was in a gay bar, or surrounded by my lesbian friends at a party, or cheering at the Atlanta Pride Parade, I knew I was surrounded by people who understood a part of me that the world wanted me to banish or, at the very least, hide.

Kendra doesn’t seem to understand that she has just admitted to us that her parents were completely right.

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How could anyone deny that this lifestyle of inebriation and obsessive sexual neediness is completely healthy? Robert Gagnon summarizes:

It’s a typical love story. Female 1 identifies as lesbian and meets female 2 in college. Obsessive relationship develops and they both get involved in a drunken and rowdy gay bar scene. Relationship breaks up. Female 1 hits on another female (we’ll call her female 3 though there were many females in between) while female 3 is in a lesbian relationship with someone else. Eventually they get together and get unofficially married. Relationship characterized by alcoholism and self-destruction and many “close calls” of infidelity. One of them brings a child into the world. They get therapy for alcoholism and female 3 identifies as a man. Female 1 is disturbed because she values lesbianism as central to her identity and really doesn’t like men even though all along female 3 has had a strong male side. Female 1 decides to stay with female-3-who-identifies-as-a-man. But female 1 is insistent that she is not straight. All clear?

Yes, that is how the story concludes.

In the mix we get a nice toxic dose of Lesbian supremacy.

Being out was my way of proudly proclaiming that gay people are worthy of marriage and parenthood — that we live and love the same way that everyone else does. If I listed the most important things about myself, being gay was always in the top three. It was simply central to who I was.

It wasn’t just that I identified as gay. I embraced being gay. I loved it. Being gay took me out of the realm of being entirely privileged — it made me empathetic, opened my eyes to all the privilege I still held, and it made me want to fight for the underdog. Hell, it made me realize there was an underdog. I am better, more compassionate, more willing to fight for change because I am gay.

This is all so tribal. She obviously “needs” to identify as Lesbian for reasons that have little to do with that obsessive crush she got in college. She has joined “our people” and they are far better than the rest of us. I am reminded of listening to a recovering anorexic talk about how it bothered her when she got her period one month. Why? Because missing your period is part of the diagnosis for being anorexic and she had always identified herself as anorexic. Healing would mess with her identity and therefore it was bad.

So no wonder it wasn’t “just a phase” for this woman.

But now this woman is bound by transgender feminism (oxymoronic as it is) to identify her “significant other” as a man. And that bothers her.

She is worried we might think she is straight because she is “married” to “Simon” now. No mention is made of surgery.

This is everyday feminism. These are the people being permitted to redefine marriage and make school restroom policy. Even when they run up against the utter self-mockery of self-contradictory transgender feminism, they insist they must be taken seriously.

Is it any wonder that another feminist Lesbian is calling for all men to be put in prison camps? How can these people survive among the rational and the sane? They can’t. As they find the fantasies they spin on the internet are not submitted to in real life I suspect we are going to see some extreme rage.

These people are at war with themselves and hate their membership in the human race.