The Transgender Insanity Comes to High School Sports

If transgender insanity will make it seem reasonable to expose a female state worker to a violent male in what is supposed to be an all girls’ facility, then I suppose it is no surprise that it has also infected normal high schools.

transgender restroom

Here is an amazing story from the Washington Post:

More than 100 community members flooded a meeting this week near Minneapolis, and thousands more sent e-mails. In response, the quasi-public body governing high school sports in Minnesota decided to delay a vote on a new policy covering sports participation by transgender students. Members of the board of directors said they needed more time to study the issue.

The policy, which they now plan to vote on in December, was an attempt to grapple with a question that has bedeviled many states: How do you deal with the growing number of children identifying as transgender who want to participate in the highly gender-specific worlds of high school sports and extracurricular activities?

School systems have scrambled to adopt policies to deal with these students while also being sensitive to concerns over locker-room privacy and any advantages a more physically imposing transgender female might have on the field against other girls.

“Generally, our society is becoming more accepting in its understanding of gender identity and what that means, and we’ve been very lucky that in the last few years this cadre of young kids has started identifying themselves as trans from a young age,” said Helen Carroll, sports project director at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, who helped write a model policy for school systems. “It’s really pushing folks to really grapple with and understand what it means.”

The whole point of dividing sports up by sex is that males are stronger and heavier, on average, than females. So it makes no sense at all to say that anyone who “identifies” as female, even if they are actually male, should play on the girls’ teams. It is a reflection on the insanity that has gripped our elites that I even have to explain such a thing. Duh–the reason for boys and girls teams is because boys and girls are different! Neither one can change that fact by “feeling like” the opposite sex!

(And how does one know what it feels like to be the opposite sex? The most we can say is that they want to believe that they “feel like” the opposite sex.)

The article says that opposition to transgender is coming “from groups that say gender is a biological fact rather than a social choice.” When did anyone establish that gender is a social choice? How can the paper assert such a thing?

The number of students asking for such accommodations nationally is indeed very low, Carroll said, estimating that, nationally, fewer than 10 students a year make such requests. Advocates and students say that is because transgender students are typically afraid of bullying or very self-conscious about their bodies and therefore choose not to participate in sports.

How do they know there would be more transgenders if it were not for alleged bullying? How do they know how many transgenders there are? This sounds like they are making up stuff as they go. They have no way of counting “potential transgenders” that are pretending to be the gender of their biological sex.

If you ever feel intellectually intimidated by liberalism, just remember they completely buy into this garbage. They are not worth listening to. And they need to be removed from power and influence. No child should be subjected to this kind of perversion.

And also remember, all this transgender nonsense actually depends on promoting rigid gender stereotypes so that anyone who doesn’t “act like” their biological gender in some irrationally-defined way gets pressured to accept that label.