The Transgender Male’s War on Women

If you want to see a real psychological war on women, look at this piece celebrating the highest-paid “female” CEO. The sheer audacity of the article is amazing. The open joke starts in the headline: “America’s Highest-Paid Female CEO Is Transgender.”

transgender inclusion

And then the tagline: “Not only is she one of only 11 women to make the list of the 200 highest-paid CEOs, but this executive was born a man.”

Translation: There are only ten women who made the list of 200 highest-paid CEOs.

Think about what a robbery this article perpetrates. There are ten women who are among the top 200 highest-paid CEOs and all the glory and honor they deserve as women is put in second place to this freak man. Specifically, the highest-paid CEO of this group of ten women is the one who should have gotten an article. Instead, her place is given to a man, and a half-man at that!

How can feminists tolerate this? Could anything be more blatantly anti-woman?

The whole thing is also just creepy:

For Rothblatt, gender is more fluid than identifying as male or female. Even after deciding to undergo a sex-change operation, she prefers to use “Pn.,” for “person,” rather than “Mr.” or “Ms.”

Rothblatt remains married to her devoted wife of 33 years, Bina Aspen. They have four children, who call her “Dad,” and grandkids that have nicknamed her “Grand Martine.” 

This reminds us of the damage that pretending “transgender” is a real identity is doing to people who are not suffering from the delusion that they are the opposite sex. Transgenderism means a man can be married to another man against his will through deceit. It means a juvenile state care worker can be subjected to attacks resulting in permanent disfigurement and disability by a violent male who should never have been allowed in an all-female facility.

The transgender myths are all lies told to encourage the deluded to be more deluded. Real women should not be put behind men faking it as women. It is a shame and disgrace that this is happening.