Transgender Revolt against Reality: Merely Revolting

The media is hyping every revolting transgender tale in order to make it a thing.


As you probably know, claims to link and summarize the important and interesting news. So the fact that they are pumping up this piece of insanity tells you something about the mainstream media: “Mom Backs Teen’s Sex Change in a Very Public Way.”

When 19-year-old Australian teenager Elizabeth Anne Bogert announced that he [sic] identifies as male instead of female, his mother Yolanda took out a classified ad in the Brisbane Courier Mail retracting her son’s [sic] original birth announcement. She wrote: “In 1995 we announced the arrival of our sprogget, Elizabeth Anne, as a daughter. He informs us that we were mistaken. Oops! Our bad. We would now like to present our wonderful son–Kai Bogert.” In case her humor was lost on her readers, Yolanda added: “Loving you is the easiest thing in the world. Tidy your room.”

First question: How does Yolanda know with certainty that she was mistaken?

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Even if we enter fully into the transgender mythology, is it really true that no one has ever had second thoughts about claiming an anti-biological gender identity while still a teen ager. Are one’s feelings such a reliable guide? If not, then how can Yolanda Bogert be so certain? Does “Kai” get to change “his” mind? If so, does that mean the mother will need to send out another classified ad?

Second question: Why is Elizabeth not a suitable name for a boy?

If the gender of a person is not affected by their biology, then why should the name matter? Yet somehow it all does. In fact, it is obvious that if gender has nothing to do with biology then it should not exist at all. So why do transgender people go to such great lengths to participate in gender stereotypes?

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Third question: If gender is independent of biology then why do transgenders try to change the appearance of their anatomy?

“Kai adds that it’s too soon to make any decisions about hormones or gender reassignment surgery.” How can anything “assign” a gender if gender is independent of one’s genitals or other body features? Also, since we know that “gender reassignment surgery” simply mutilates one’s body and does not actually give anyone body parts belonging to the opposite gender (Again, we see that suddenly biology and gender are connected!), why should anyone want to have the surgery. Since it doesn’t actually make one the “opposite gender” (again: biology!) its only real significance and result is the mutilation and rejection of one’s own body—of one’s self.

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A transgender is self-loathing disguised as identification with the other.

Which brings us to my last question: How does a biological woman or man know they are supposed to be the other? How can anyone verify that a person claiming to “feel like” or “be” the opposite sex has any idea what he or she (!) is talking about. Common sense would say that biological men don’t know what it feels like to be biological women (the redundancy is painful but necessary for getting around transgender-induced confusion) and that biological women don’t know what it feels like to be biological men. So how can a biological woman claim to be of the male gender, as opposed to being merely what she imagines a male feels like?

Yet we are acting like morons in order to prop up this delusional pile of garbage and pretend it makes sense.