Transgender Rights to Leave; No Daughter’s Right to a Father?

When you hear about transgender rights, think about the victimized children.

If I was a libertarian, I might be able to defend the idea that, since the father is refusing to love his daughter anyway, maybe it is best to let him leave. It certainly seems from the story linked below that the daughter might have been better off if her father had left the home sooner.

But I’m not a libertarian and I think fathers and mothers have obligations to their children, especially in their minority, which ought to be enforceable by law. But the law probably can’t fix the cultural rot that is behind the whole Transgender rights movement. Much of the disgusting stuff in this story isn’t just about what the law allows or demands, but about how the entire establishment has given people permission and encouragement to be the most demented and selfish versions of themselves that they can possibly become.

Which brings me to this story at “When My Father Told Me He Wanted to Be a Woman.”

My dad created a home environment that made me feel as if I was walking on pins and needles. His resentment over my possession of what he so deeply desired for himself—a woman’s body—turned into anger and abuse. As his desires intensified, he began to borrow my clothing. Many times I discovered my underclothes and tops under bathroom towels, or in the attic—often in places I had not been. I learned to organize my clothes just so, in order to know if he had been in my dresser drawers. When I confirmed that he’d worn an article of my clothing, I simply could not bring myself to ever wear that item again.

As an adolescent, I had to be careful about how I dressed. I always had to ask myself how he would react to my outfit. Would it make him so envious that he’d “borrow” it (without my consent, of course)? I began to hate my body. It was a constant reminder of what my father wanted to become. When I began to wear makeup, I had to block out the images I had of him applying makeup or eye shadow or lipstick. He was destroying my desire to become a woman.

The story is an eye-opening account. Every conservative should read it. When she got married, her father’s words to her before he walked her down the aisle and gave her away were: “I wish it were me in that dress.”

Obviously, there are plenty of heterosexual parents who aren’t confused about their gender who are also narcissistic, abusive jerks. Then again, it is just as obvious that we will never get an accurate picture about how often we find this in the transgender “community” because the so-called social sciences are completely sold out to LGBT politics.

If you have feelings of desire that are inappropriate to your gender, or dissatisfaction with your biological sex, you have my sympathy. But if you are a husband, you are called to work on being the best possible husband to your wife. If you are a wife, you are called to work on being the best possible wife to your husband. If you are a father, you are called to work on being the best possible father to your son or daughter. If you are a mother, you are called to work on being the best possible mother to your son or daughter. They need you. The world isn’t all about what you think you want.

It may feel convenient that a political force has taken over our media and government that encourages you to feel at home in pursuing the desires and feelings that would tell you to abandon all your obligations.  But it isn’t going to bring you happiness. It isn’t going to bring you into anything that can remotely be described as healthy. And it will hurt people who trusted you and who are depending on you.

It isn’t all about you.