The Transgender Superstition Adopted By Supreme Court of India

The lead paragraph of the Washington Post website story is interesting:

In India, as in almost every nation in the West, people who are either male or female have historically been forced to designate themselves as either a “male” or “female” on all governmental forms.

The lead paragraph is interesting because that is not what it says. Here’s the real one:

In India, as in almost every nation in the West, members of the transgender population have historically been forced to designate themselves as either a “male” or “female” on all governmental forms.

A country where gang rape is common and vastly under-prosecuted is now being celebrated for legitimizing a delusion. Oddly, it is a nation where homosexual activity is still illegal (perhaps this opens the door for reclassifying all homosexuals as transgender and thus evading the law).

I don’t understand how this is supposed to make liberals, or whatever they are, so happy. Allowing only three gender options is plainly tyrannical. Face book, remember, now offers hundreds of genders.

Besides, the new ruling also denies transgenders the entire point. Transgender was never supposed to be a third gender. The claim is that female-bodied persons who believe they are men “on the inside” (or whatever delusional location is described) are really of the male gender. The Court should have ruled that such female-bodied persons are male and should be able to identify as male on government forms. Likewise, male-bodied persons are supposedly really members of the female gender.

Positing a “third gender” is actually like offering to let the “transgender” boy have his own private bathroom at school instead of letting him inflict his presence in the girls’ room. Totally unacceptable.

It turns out that India is following a tradition of Asian paganism that has little to do with the LGBT “human rights” scam of the West.

Across much of South Asia and Southeast Asia, the language of gender is substantially more ambiguous than it is in the West. In countries such as Thailand and Cambodia, transgender people aren’t usually referred to as either a man or a woman — but as kathoey. India’s decision follows other regional countries’ decisions to recognize a third gender. Last year, neighboring Nepal offered a third gender option on official documents for its transgender population.

These Liberals compare this insane ruling to issues of caste and race. In so doing they spit on the real injustices of the past and cheapen them in favor of this delusion.

The West has been a tad slower to adopt such measures. Last year, Germany became the first European country to recognize a third gender, allowing parents of newborns to mark “male,” “female” or “indeterminate” on birth certificates.

What a human rights triumph! Progressive parents get to deliberately confuse their child and insist that he or she is “indeterminate.”

Across the rest of Europe, Spiegel Online reports, change has been more halting. “Things are moving slower than they should at the European level,” human rights activist Silvan Agius said. “Though Brussels has ramped up efforts to promote awareness of trans and intersex discrimination, I would like to see things speed up.”

When did we ever see any evidence that transgender feelings are more authentic than hearing voices? Do we issue more than one driver’s license to people suffering from “multiple personality disorder”?