Transgender Teen Wants to be a ‘Father.’ Freezes Eggs.

The transgender teen says that getting the procedure was a “no brainer.” That’s the truest thing she could have said.

This was reported in the “health” section of That seems ironic in a sickening way.

An 18-year-old San Francisco-area transgender teen may be the first to have had eggs harvested prior to transition. Having decided last year to go from Nicole to Cole Carman, the teen decided to harvest his eggs first so it would be easier to have his own biological children down the road. “I’ve always known I wanted to have kids of my own, so … it was a no-brainer,” he tells Yahoo. Typically these procedures are performed when trans males are in their 30s, already transitioned, and decide to halt their testosterone so that they can be biologically related to their kids, says Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, who performed the successful procedure on Carman. But post-transition is far more challenging: “After years of testosterone therapy, their ovaries would shut down and would not reawaken to create any viable eggs, or the eggs would be low quality.”

This admission about “low quality” eggs makes me wonder how many unnecessary birth defects we are producing in the name of “Transgender rights.” Of course, they can probably be detected in utero and be added to the millions of abortions performed in this country.

Also, notice how the supposed distinction between gender and sex is not even recognized. The article doesn’t refer to trans men but “trans males.” Male and female no longer have any reference to objective biological facts. This is no surprise since the same people who are insisting that gender is not related to biology were taking drugs and getting surgery to change their biology!

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Another interesting facet of the propaganda is how Eyvazzadeh, the “doctor,” is treated as an altruistic and disinterested helper, when in fact she is making a lot of money.

Carman has reportedly been thinking about his gender, as well as what it means to be trans, since he [sic] was 12, and Eyvazzadeh says she wanted to help “from the minute” they met. “I could tell that he [sic] was mature, he [sic] knew exactly what he [sic] wanted and this was self-directed,” she says. “It’s not something you do on a whim.”

Right, she was willing to take—we are told in the same paragraph!—$13,000 from the parents to do the procedure. By all means let’s listen to her evaluations as if she isn’t personally profiting from the procedure. That makes as much sense as getting assurance that a girl knows how her life should go, and how drastic hormone “therapy,” and elective “surgery” (a mutilation that makes female circumcision look like getting a hair cut in comparison) should be performed on her, because of her deep reflective wisdom from the age of twelve to the age of eighteen. She’s not allowed to drink or carry a handgun, but this is all within the realm of her competence.

We live in a sick society that is doing all it can to warp the sanity of the young in order to vindicate its own perversity. Jonestown now encompasses North America. We are in the grip of a cult.