Transgendered Toddlers And Their Unfortunate Classmates

If I were craftier in my elementary-school and high-school days and were the type who got his jollies by using the bathroom while a girl peed in the stall adjacent to his, I would have claimed that I was “transgender”—that is, that I was biologically a male, but mentally a female.

There are some school districts in this toilet of a country that permit “transgender” people to use whatever restroom they feel corresponds to the gender of their choice that day.

Coy Mathis is a six-year-old transgender (read: abused) boy in Colorado who has the delusion that he is a girl. This might be because his parents buy girls’ clothing for him, according to the Denver Post.

The boy’s parents are in the news for filing a complaint against the boy’s elementary school for their refusal to let him use the girls’ restroom (really, their refusal to cause great discomfort and confusion among the school’s other six-year-old girls). They say they are discriminating against him by refusing to feed his skewed self-image and cater to what I’ll call his ailment.

But Coy is not being discriminated against. The reason the other boys at school are not permitted to use the female bathrooms is because they are biologically males, just as Coy is, and that is precisely the reason Coy is not allowed to use the female bathrooms as well. Coy is being treated equally. That’s a big problem with liberals: they feel that if they are not being given extra privileges and special treatment and not having all their little quirks affirmed by the public, then they are being discriminated against.

It stems from liberals’ desire to have continuous strife in their lives. They love being victims because “victims” are treated better than the rest of society.

A similar case was reported last week from Massachusetts. That state’s schools will be required to have unisex bathrooms if there is even one single student who likes to pretend that he or she is a gender other than his or her actual, biological one. On top of that, any students who refuse to encourage and affirm this psychological complex of “transgenderism” can be punished. One or two students must be catered to at the expense of all others.

Coy Mathis’s parents will be homeschooling him until the issue with his school is resolved. Sure, having to spend so much time with his mentally abusive parents will only further screw him up, but at least the entirety of the Eagleside Elementary student body will not be screwed up as well.

Silver linings, people.