TransPerv Regime: “Offer” Nine-Year-Olds Sex Change Drugs

From the Telegraph:

Children as young as nine are to be prescribed drugs which delay the onset of puberty as the first step towards a sex change operation, according to reports.

The treatment will be offered by one NHS trust to children who are so troubled by their gender that they may wish to undergo drastic surgery after adolescence, according to the Mail on Sunday.

But the decision was attacked by critics who described the decision to offer the treatment at such a young age as “horrifying” and called for an immediate investigation.

Monthly injections of the drugs, known as hypothalamic blockers, are used to slow the development of the children’s sexual organs by blocking the production of the hormones testosterone and oestrogen.

In boys this prevents the voice from lowering and the development of facial hair, while in girls it stops the menstrual cycle and breast development, in each case making any future sex change operation simpler.

We already know this same revolting revolt against reality is in power on this side of the Atlantic as well. The entire purpose of convincing a child to take these powerful drugs is to make sure they remain confused and compliant with the transsexual mythology. They will be held in limbo so that they never even get to feel like a normal growing man or woman. Thus, there is less chance of them resisting the mutilation before it is too late.

Dr Polly Carmichael, who led the trial, said future treatment would be offered based on “stage not age”, meaning it could be offered to younger children than those who took part in the trial.

“We’re talking about stopping puberty in the normal range of puberty, so I guess the younger age might be nine or ten,” she said.

So these victims never get to experience normal biological adolescence. Then the misled boys get to have this man’s experience as a mocked up woman: “I’m a post-op MtF who is back in therapy to reverse this mess and obtain a phalloplasty.” Read the post and the discussion in the comments; I dare you!

They want to get some children prepped for this kind of life and take away any chance that they will come to their senses before they emasculate them and carve a smelly dead-end hole between their legs. In any sane world that travesty would be understood as an insult to women. Having a “phalloplasty” in the place where perfectly workable “lady parts” used to be is about as much related to a real man as a scarecrow is.

And yet the whole world is pushing to pretend this is all real—real medicine and real gender. Bradley Manning is going by “Chelsea” now. He may get a transfer to a civilian prison because, of course, our prisons honor “human rights” by making taxpayers finance this psychotic delusion. Yesterday, ABC News featured this piece of pervert propaganda on their news site.

Transgender artists Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst are transitioning in opposite directions and have captured their individual transformations in the “Relationship” series, a collection of photographs on exhibit as part of Biennial 2014 at The Whitney Museum of American Art from March 7 to May 25.

The photo series is an intimate diary of the couple’s love affair and their gender identity transitions – Drucker from male to female and Ernst from female to male. The photos span five years of their relationship from 2008 to 2013. The photographs include tender embraces, their bandaged bodies from hormone injections and also shots of Drucker’s growing breasts.

It would be funny if it were not so disgusting and tragic. You can immediately tell which is which because the fake woman is about two feet taller than the fake man.

Welcome to the Liberal playground.