Transracial Is Now a Real Thing?

Just like transgender, now transracial is being taken seriously—claiming one can “identify” as another race and thus be that race.

What this means is that conservatives can no longer use sarcasm or ad absurdum arguments to critique liberal culture. Such arguments are supposed to take a position and show how it must be wrong by taking it to its “logical extreme.” Thus, after local NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal was discovered to be a white woman, a lot of conservatives suggested that she must be “transracial” just like “Caitlyn” Jenner is transgender.

But we live in a society now that can’t be made more absurd than it already is. It is so absurd that no more absurdity can be added to it.

Rachel Dolezal followed exactly the script that conservatives had jokingly suggested! Those who attacked conservatives as making up the comparison need to realize they failed to understand the ideology of trans identity. “Are You a Black Woman? Rachel Dolezal Finally Answers.”

Rachel Dolezal opened up to Matt Lauer this morning, who put it to her plainly: “Let me just ask you the question in simple terms: ‘Are you an African-American woman?'” Dolezal didn’t hesitate: “I identify as black,” she replied. Lauer challenged that answer, displaying a photo of a teenage Dolezal and asking her, “When you see this picture, is this an African-American woman?” Replied Dolezal, “Visibly she would be identified as white by people who see her.” Though she said she wasn’t identifying as black at that time, she says she has long done so. “I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon and the black curly hair” from the age of about five, she said, per the Today Show. “That was how I was portraying myself.”

So race is now an inner feeling or an act of imagination.

Except even in denying the importance of biology, Dolezal makes concessions to it. If race is not related to biology, then why did she use a brown crayon? Why black curly hair?

Of course, compared to gender, race is obviously much closer to a social construct. As a transracial, Dolezal merely had to do stuff with her hair and clothing. She didn’t feel any need to inject hormones or get her body surgically altered. Transgenders demand these physical alterations in order to feel like the opposite sex, even while they sneeringly insist that gender “has nothing to do” with one’s biological sex.

People who panic that their “transgender son” is old enough to develop breasts, and demand powerful drugs to delay puberty, are obviously well aware that gender is rooted in biology.

But Dolezal’s own contradictions, while not as great, are still amazingly blatant. She goes on to explain how she gained custody of her adopted black brother:

“He said you’re my real mom. For that to be something that is plausible I certainly can’t be seen as white and be Izaiah’s mom.”

So a white woman can “identify” as African-American but it is impossible to view a white woman as a black child’s mother. People have been adopting across racial lines for centuries. She is completely contradicting her own claim to be “black” despite being biologically white, by claiming there must be a biological connection to be Izasiah’s mother. She is also disparaging white parents with adopted black children.

But all of this nonsense is accepted as “authentic.”