Transsexual “Woman” Does Everything Topless In Public

An article at the UK’s DailyMail says the above freak’s name is Stacy Schnee, but since it does not detail whether Stacy was his birth name or the name he gave himself, I will simply refer to him as Mr. Schnee. I don’t want to risk calling him Stacy if that’s his self-given name because I refuse to cater to the sexual whims of the deviant among us.

This Massachusetts man, this Mr. Schnee with the exposed, solid rack pushing aggressively through his taut skin, at one point in his undignified life, decided, “Today I am a woman.” And he has remained a “woman” ever since. Because of degenerates like him, a new word needed to be yanked from the slime by its Latin roots and applied: transsexual, for he has crossed from one sex to the other.

Except now transsexuals are no longer called transsexuals, but transgenders. “Transsexual” used to be sufficient, but because the Left (and, by extension, the transsexuals themselves) added a new platform to their ideology that declares with religious fervor that sex and gender are two separate things, they can no longer use the term “transsexual” to refer to someone who has the genetic makeup of one sex but behaves as and believes he or she is a member of the other sex, like the rock-breasted dude above. That’s what they’ve been teaching is transgender, not transsexual. If they had kept to calling themselves transsexuals for feeling like they’re of the opposite sex, they would be contradicting their assertion that sex is different from gender. So now transsexuals are “transgenders,” and you’re just going to have to deal with these linguistic acrobatics.

What you must accept if you want to fit in with modern America is that we all have the ability to alter reality with our feelings; if a person is born a man but digs deep inside himself (grotesque but apt choice of words for this topic) to get in touch with his feelings that he is actually a woman, then his gender is female, case closed. Trust them, it’s pure science, not science’s inbred brother-father who huffs Elmer’s.

All of this begs the question: If “gender” is determined by how you feel on the inside, then why did Mr. Schnee have to go and change himself on the outside? Trannies deny the fact that they are denying biological reality, but if they weren’t denying it, then why do they alter the reality of their bodies? Why do they literally deny their bodies’ having natural congruity with their sex?

Mr. Schnee wants to be seen. The purpose of his crusade is to get his jollies off by assaulting innocent passersby with the sight and presence of his disgusting, self-mutilated body. According to him (though he expresses it much less accurately), he is a feminist rallying for equal rights in the way of permission to expose his fake lumpy cans in public, much like Susan B. Anthony’s mission in the erstwhile days of feminism.

In June 2011 Mr. Schnee also had his manhood voluntarily lopped off and was befitted with a brand-spankin’-new “vagina.” Before this mutilation, he says, he struggled with his “identity” and considered suicide. He is decidedly, in no uncertain terms, mentally unstable, and yet he is still allowed to be with his kids!

Yes, this man bred. He goes on walks with his offspring through the neighborhood, absent of shame (and not at all for shock value, no, that’s a preposterous suggestion!), and, he admits, “I’m topless and even nude in front of my kids all the time.” Topless and nude, meaning he goes without underwear in front of his poor children. It’s child abuse and it gets him hot.

Ugh, just look at it. Finally I can agree with liberals on something: I hate this country so much. And that poor dog…you just know this freak makes that dog do disgusting things to him.

If you don’t mind getting a second take of your lunch, click here to see other topless pictures of Mr. Schnee doing manly things, like wielding a chainsaw to chop firewood and grilling AIDS-burgers.