Travels of Clock-Making Kid Cause Concern

Ahmed Mohammed achieved notoriety on the national stage when he made a clock that school officials thought was a bomb.  When the news of his arrest and his being handcuffed made the news, President Barach Obama came to the boy’s defense touting him as a kid who was interested in science.

In the weeks since the clock-making incident happened, Ahmed has been traveling and meeting some influential people.  Most recently he headed to visit the home country of his father–Sudan.  While there, he met with some controversial people.

Fox News highlights the story:

 . . . the boy has gone on a tour across the globe to speak out against racism — meeting with Turkish President Ahmet Davutoğlu in New York, and visiting a number of Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia — the visit to his father’s home country of Sudan is raising eyebrows. 

He was photographed meeting with al-Bashir on Wednesday, reportedly alongside his father.

The Sudanese leader is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Darfur, where he is accused of orchestrating genocide and crimes against humanity. Al-Bashir denies the accusations.

Sudanese human right advocates say that al-Bashir is using the 14-year-old’s visit for his own political benefit.

“There is no doubt that this is a political move,” Jimmy Mulla, president and co-founder of Voices for Sudan, told “So people will look at [al-Bashir] like he is a hero. They are looking for ways to try and improve relations with [the] U.S. but they only want to do it on their own terms.”

Young Ahmed Mohammed is slated to go to the White House Monday for an astronomy event.  Perhaps President Obama will ask him what he and al-Bashir talked about when they met.