Trayvon a Cover for Black-on-Black and Black-on-White Crime

The government controlled media as well as the Administration wants us to believe the Trayvon Martin killing was the greatest racially inspired murder of modern time. However, what we are conveniently not told is the fact that George Zimmerman is also not Caucasian himself being part Latino.

Realistically, what we have here is a simple case of a shooting of a minority by a considered minority. Thus, the acquittal of Zimmerman by far should not be a national issue.

A case of a white waitress who was murdered by three black men in Schererville, Indiana on May 19th, 2013 for her tip money she earned during her shift at Joe’s Crab Shack is barely noticeable in the news but just as important as Trayvon Martin’s murder.

The reason no one knows about this case is because of the media’s refusal to carry the story. The fact it was shelved is obviously because it shows blacks as the perpetrators in murdering an innocent white waitress.

Another case involving blacks as perpetrators of violence against whites is that of Zachery Gamble who was a Marine that served two tours in Iraq. Gamble was found unconscious outside a Cobb County, Georgia apartment complex in March, 2013. Gamble later died from his injuries. The suspects were Arthur Batchelor, 37, Tarell Secrest, 36, Jason Hill, 35, and Sean Hall, 38, all African American.

Both examples of blacks murdering whites barely got mentioned in the media and many more cases where blacks initiated violent crimes against whites here in America aren’t even covered at all.

Paula Dean is yet another example of reverse prejudice we now have in this country. Dean’s problems basically began with Attorney Wesley Woolf demanding a 1.25 million dollar settlement from Dean in what amounts to an extortion. Woolf is the attorney for Lisa T. Jackson who worked at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House and claimed she was mistreated during her employment and threatened Dean with a smear campaign if she didn’t accept the settlement.

In Jackson’s disposition she was forced to admit that she never heard Paula Dean utter a racial epithet and that she never knew of Dean discriminating against her employees. Thus, what we have here is a case where race was used to extort money. It all boils down to Dean’s alleged use of the ‘N’ word some 20 years ago, which I might add simply cannot be proven.

In any case, the use of the ‘N’ word as well as many types of racial slurs are used on a daily basis by black comics and celebrities that go on as accepted behavior. Words such as cracker used to depict whites are constantly used and yet, we are supposed to let the insults go as accepted simply because it is entertainment.

We have a racially inspired climate of prejudice here in America perpetrated on the white race by both the Federal government and the government controlled media. It is designed to create tension between so called minority races and whites for the sole purpose of showing all Caucasians as the hateful despicable people who will do anything to bring harm to non whites.

Of course the exact opposite is true; one only has to do a little research of crime statistics here in America to find the truth. Since Hispanics are lumped in with whites when showing crime percentages making it more difficult in determining crime ratios between races but, not impossible. Suffice to say when all the statistics are compared the ratio is around 5 blacks and Hispanics to every 1 white, slightly higher for blacks.

It isn’t being racist or prejudice to say blacks and Hispanics commit more than twice the crimes than whites do; it happens to be a statistical fact.

What the media need to do is start practicing true journalism by presenting the news as factually as possible and covering all the news as interesting stories while refraining from selecting certain news for the benefit of raising racial tensions. It is a true journalist’s goal to find news and present it in an unbiased manner, not to present it as a personal commentary as it is now done.

It is also the responsibility of the American people to demand proper journalism without bias from the mainstream media.

The Federal government needs to get out of the business of inciting racial violence by issuing inciting comments such as it has done with the Martin/Zimmerman case.