Treating Climate Summit Protesters as Terrorists in Paris

This is classic statism. Paris suffered a horrific terrorist attack. Therefore, the state was given new powers in order to deal more effectively with terrorists. But now the law is being used against anyone protesting or disrupting the work of the climate summit in imposing expensive energy on everyone.

The New York Times reports, “France Uses Sweeping Powers to Curb Climate Protests, but Clashes Erupt.”

The French government is using the sweeping emergency powers it gained after the Paris terrorist attacks to clamp down on any possible disruption to the two-week global climate conference that starts on Monday, limiting public demonstrations, beefing up security and placing two dozen environmental activists under house arrest.

The efforts to restrict protests — as world leaders arrived to reach an international deal to contain global warming — were not entirely successful; 174 people were taken into custody on Sunday after demonstrators clashed with the police in the historic Place de la République.

The police, in full riot gear, used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the demonstrators, some of whom grabbed flowers and other remembrances that had been left at a tribute to the 130 people killed in the attacks and hurled them at officers. Some demonstrators chanted: “State of emergency, police state. You can’t take away our right to demonstrate!”

Twenty-four environmental activists were put under house arrest in the past few days, as the French prepared to host the long-anticipated talks.

Granted, some of these “protests” may have involved criminal behavior at some point. But the government is using emergency powers granted to it to defend the city from Islamic terrorists in order to ensure that a multi-government public relations festival is not disrupted. They want to make sure the politically powerful are not inconvenienced by the rabble who presume to make a statement about how they are ruled.

Keep in mind these rulers know how to use skype. The main reason for a big event is to send a public message. France is now using tools intended to be used against terrorism to maintain global warming propaganda.

Once again, France is using its power to stifle speech.