Is Triple Murder for Wrong Motives Worse than Other Kind?

Media and police are all worried about whether a triple murder was committed for the wrong motives. Why?

haters gonna hate

Three people were murdered. The media is reporting on how wonderful these three victims were. I think it is great to give the murdered a public eulogy, but their virtues are irrelevant. Even if three known jerks were killed, it would be a huge crime.

The murderer should only be executed once because that is the limit that God has put on us. It shows that the death penalty for murder isn’t really about eye-for-eye justice as it is about giving the killer over to God who will take care of justice in a way that no human can.

So three people were murdered, but that is not enough. As the L.A. Times reports,

Barakat’s sister, Suzanne Barakat, spoke Wednesday of “execution-style murders” and demanded that authorities “investigate these senseless and heinous murders as a hate crime.” National Muslim activist groups also called for a hate crime investigation as photos of the three victims — with the two women wearing head scarves — went viral worldwide on social media under the hashtag #muslimlivesmatter.

Just to reiterate: everyone’s life matters. And because everyone’s life matters, Muslim lives matter too. And if their lives matter just as much as everyone else’s, the proper way to affirm Muslim lives is to deliver the same kind of justice against the perpetrator that everyone should get.

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The real problem with our system is that not all murder gets the death penalty. So we wind up with the horrible situation that the relatives of the victims have to argue that their loved ones are special enough that the victimizer deserves the death penalty in that specific instance.

The whole thing is a denial of equality before the law.

If you kill someone (or more than one person) you should be killed. That is what the Bible demands as universal human justice.

Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image (Genesis 9:6 ESV).

Of course, by definition, all intentional murder is a hate crime—a hate crime against specific individuals. But, again, if hatred of a wider group is also a worry, then the state can protect that group by properly avenging the murdered individuals.