Trump on Other Republicans: ‘They want to start World War III over Syria. Give me a break!’

Donald Trump blasts Republican foreign policy and suggests our Syria position will cause World War III.

While this speech does display some of the flaws of Donald Trump (which he thinks of as his strengths) it also shows some insight into American policy and into what the voters want to hear.

This video was posted at The Hill. Interestingly, the accompanying story gives the reader no idea that crowds were cheering him in Oklahoma City: “Trump: GOP rivals want to ‘start World War III over Syria’

Donald Trump on Friday accused his GOP rivals of seeking to “start World War III over Syria” and suggested the U.S. let Russia take up the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

“They want to start World War III over Syria. Give me a break,” Trump said at the State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City.

“You know Russia wants to get ISIS right. We want to get ISIS. Russia’s in Syria. Maybe we should let them do it?,” he continued. “Let them do it. What the hell are we crazy?”

Trump’s statements come as Russia builds up its forces in Syria to help embattled leader Bashar Assad take on ISIS. The U.S. is also leading a coalition against the terror group, but also opposes Assad’s regime and has urged him to relinquish power.

President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Monday at the UN General Assembly, with Syria a likely topic of discussion.

The United States hasn’t just “urged” Assad “to relinquish power.” The U.S. has created ISIS by its money and weapons flowing into the region and drawing the jihadists to take over.

On Friday, he said that the U.S. had only empowered Iran by invading Iraq.

“I said don’t go into Iraq. I’m the most militant person here, the most militaristic person you’ll ever meet. I believe in the military strongly but I didn’t want to see us invade Iraq,” he said.

“We spend $2 trillion dollars, thousands of lives, wounded warriors all over the place that I love by the way… we got nothing. We can’t even go over there.”

Trump also said Iraq and Iran were growing closer.

“And right now as you are standing here, Iraq is negotiating with Iran. They’re going to merge and Iran is going to get the oil… and the one that gets the rest of it is going to be ISIS.”

Claiming they are going to merge is probably a bit exaggerated. But it is undeniable that by instituting majority rule in Iraq, the United States turned Iraq from a secular regime to a Shiite one. This makes them natural allies with Iran and shifts the regional balance of power in Iran’s favor.

Overall, if this is the message that is keeping Trump at the front of the Republican pack, then we have good evidence that voters are fed up with the foreign policy that has been followed by Republican and Democrat Presidents alike.