Trump & Twisted Sister: Best Campaign Music Ever!

The Hill reports, “Trump gets OK to use Twisted Sister song.”

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider says he gave Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump permission to use the band’s hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It” on the campaign trail. 

“He called and he asked, which I appreciated,” Snider  in a recent interview. “I said, ‘Look, we don’t see eye to eye on everything — there are definitely issues that we’re far apart on.’ But thinking back to when I wrote the song and what the song is about, it’s about rebellion, speaking your mind and fighting the system.” 

“If anyone is doing that, he sure is,” Snider added.

As a high school senior, I tried to get my peers to vote for “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as our class song. They ended up voting for a Judas Priest song. (As you might have guessed, I graduated in the mid-1980s.)

The song obviously has an objectionable emphasis on rebellion against parents. This was especially true of the official music video.

I thought about embedding the video but I couldn’t tolerate their make-up. Here is the song with lyrics.

In the context of Donald Trump’s campaign, this song is brilliant. There is no love lost between Trump and me, but it is obvious much of his appeal lies in giving the middle digit to the people who presume to decide for us that Jeb Bush is the leading candidate. These wealthy donors are not our parents, but they expect us to do what they want.

Trump has made himself a rallying point for those who won’t be told what to do and who to vote for. No political dynasties! He is essentially a message to the establishment: We’re not going to take it anymore!