The Truth About the Presidency: The More Power, the Less Competent

From the Fiscal Times:

Over the last several months, the American public has had a hard and clear look at the executive talent inside the White House, and has begun to despair for real leadership and competence.

When leadership fails, people stop following. It appears in the sixth year of the Barack Obama presidency, that moment has arrived.

CNN’s most recent poll provided a clear indicator of this dynamic in the wake of two major controversies involving military issues. The results showed that Obama did not gain a majority of support for any of twelve issues surveyed from the respondents. In fact, in ten of the twelve issues, majorities disapproved of the President’s performance, and only on one – the environment, usually an overwhelming Democratic strength – did his approval exceed his disapproval, and only barely at 49/45. On the economy and health care, which the poll identified as the top two priorities of its respondents, Obama’s approval ratings sank to 38/61 and 36/63, respectively.

Here’s the bottom-line: The more power that is invested in the Presidency, the more it becomes impossible for any man to be competent in that Office. That’s why our system was designed, originally, the way it was.

Together—forced to gain consensus to get anything done—we are stronger. Allowing any one man or Party to wield too much power is a prescription for massive pain and failure.

This President is a victim of his own hubris and ideology. No one can handle the power we’ve invested in the Office. No one. I don’t care what letter they wear on their chest.

I fear the man or woman who we believe is truly up to the current power we’ve placed in the White House. Could some do better? Perhaps. But the foundational problem is what we now expect from a sole ruler, instead of trusting in the Rule of Law as defined in our Constitutional Republic, and executed by a wide representation of the People as a whole.

Unless we turn from this penchant for wanting a King, it’s going to end very poorly, no matter who we elect.