TSA Allows 73 People to Work at Airports with Known Links to Terrorism

Do you feel safer with TSA on the job? Really?

They gave security credentials to 73 people with known links to terrorism. That’s right… 73 known to be the exact kind of people TSA is supposed to be protecting us from, yet the Department of Homeland Security gave them special access to places terrorists are trying to hit, and to the security procedures that would help anyone defeat what lame processes are in place.

Also, according to NBC News,

Further, the thousands of records used to vet employees contained such incomplete or inaccurate data as lacking a full first name or missing social security numbers. TSA ran into particular problems in the vetting process when potential aviation employees has not committed crimes and were legal resident or citizens.

“Without complete and accurate information, TSA risks credentialing and providing unescorted access to secure airport areas for workers with potential to harm the nation’s air transportation system,” the report found.

The report recommended that TSA “request additional watchlist data, require that airports improve verification of applicants’ right to work, revoke credentials when the right to work expires, and improve the quality of vetting data.”

The TSA agreed with the recommendations.

The report itself also mentions that they’re not thoroughly checking whether their potential hires are legally able to work in the United States—in other words, many TSA agents may even be illegal residents. Gee, how hard would it be to bribe or coerce an illegal into letting a real terrorist through the line?

And this on the heels of a report showing agents missed 19 of 20 people trying to sneak weapons and explosives past screening. Seems you couldn’t do a worse job providing “security” if you tried.

Face it, if a terrorist really wanted to attack our air transportation system it would be a total piece of cake getting past these blue uniformed cupcakes with badges. We’re simply lucky there aren’t many terrorists around, in reality… or planes would be falling out of the skies just about every day.

And where else can a sexual pervert get a Federal license to “feel up” any adult or child he or she wants… and get PAID for it?!? America! What a country!