TSA Creates Another Watch List Beside Their No-Fly List

If you want to get into an exclusive nightclub, you’ve got to be on the list. If you want to get past security at the airport, you’ve got to be off the list. And not just the no-fly list that includes people that the TSA think might possibly at some point in their lives considered doing something that could remotely be perceived as being somewhat related to “terrorism.”

Now, the TSA are compiling another list of people that might be potential threats – those that have been disqualified from the TSA’s Pre-Check program which lists those that have been pre-screened and determined to be “low risk.” This program functions more like that exclusive nightclub. If you’re on the Pre-Check list, you get to benefit from their “express” security lines where you don’t have to take off your shoes.

So, if you’ve been disqualified from this list that is generally reserved for eligible frequent flyers, members of the U.S. Armed Forces and those holding active security clearances, the TSA will add you to their Disqualification List. The Federal Register reported:

“As part of the effort to identify individuals that are low risk, TSA also is creating and maintaining a watch list of individuals who are disqualified from eligibility from TSA Pre-Check, for some period of time or permanently, because they have been involved in violations of security regulations of sufficient severity or frequency. Disqualifying violations of aviation security regulations may involve violations at the airport or on board aircraft, such as a loaded firearm that is discovered in carry-on baggage at the checkpoint, or a threat to use a destructive device against a transportation conveyance, facilities, or personnel. The TSA Pre-Check Disqualification List will be generated by TSA’s Performance and Results Information System (PARIS). “

This means that the anti-gun state senator from Chicago Donne Trotter is probably on this list since he tried to board a plane with a gun. However, considering TSA’s gross incompetence in generating their no-fly list, it wouldn’t be surprising if they inadvertently “overlooked” Trotter’s indiscretion.

The no-fly list must be generated randomly because the news articles about people on that list who are barred from flying read like an Onion article:

 “The TSA successfully prevented an alleged terrorist from boarding a JetBlue flight out of Florida on Tuesday. Initial reports describe the suspect as having curly brown hair, around 33 inches in height and really into drinking milk from a bottle.”

 RT continued:

 “The 18-month old daughter of two New Jersey-born Americans of Middle Eastern descent was reportedly the reason for sending Transportation Security Administration agents onto an about-to-depart plane in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this week. The parents of the girl, who wish to remain anonymous, say the entire incident is absurd.”

The entire TSA is absurd.