TSA: Joke About Our Security Measures & We’ll Arrest You

It’s got to be tough working for one of the most despised and worthless agencies in the U.S. government. It must be hard putting up with all the jokes, the comments, the bad press. If only everyone understood that the TSA is there to make sure everyone is safe and secure.

They’re just trying to make sure that passengers aren’t hiding anything on them or in them that could pose a threat to the rest of the passengers. Their job is about ensuring national security. And since their job is so vital, they need everyone’s cooperation to make their important job easier. That means mindless compliance and subservience to the molesters in blue.

At the George Bush International Airport in Houston, a traveler recorded a repeating loudspeaker announcement from the TSA:

“…Pay particular attention to your luggage and your personal belongings. Unattended luggage will and personal belongings may be treated as a danger to the facility. Do not be persuaded by strangers or individuals you do not know well to take articles aboard your flight. You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest. We appreciate your cooperation while these measures are in effect.”

So, as they’re probing and groping you, don’t dare make comments to them about what they’re doing. Don’t remind them that they are engaging in meaningless security theater, which is a pure violation of the 4th Amendment. That would be inappropriate.

If they pull a toddler aside for a random additional “screening,” don’t make fun of them for thinking that a 2-year-old might be a terrorist who poses a real threat to the security of this nation. The same applies if they decide to humiliate a wounded vet, a disabled child or a grandmother. No jokes or comments, or you might get arrested.

After you’ve gone through the scan machine, don’t go to the agents looking at the X-ray images of your body and ask them, “Like what you see?” That would be an inappropriate joke.

Now, if you really want to bring illegal drugs or weapons through security, all you have to do is offer the agents money. Remember, these are ex-cons and child molesters. They have no conscience. If there’s enough money involved, they’ll do anything.