TSA Protects Flyers from Buzz Lightyear

While the TSA is failing again to protect us from terrorists, it has found another threat that is within its pay grade.

According to CBS Philly,

It’s not the kind of “toy story” a Pennsylvania family had hoped for.

They say TSA officials sent their five-year-old son’s Buzz Lightyear toy to ‘infinity and beyond.’

The Zilka family was returning home from a trip to Disney World, where the boy’s uncle bought him a Buzz Lightyear “flip grip.”

However, security officials at Fort Lauderdale airport said it looked too much like a gun.

“Once he realized what was happening and they weren’t giving his toy back, he immediately starts bawling, just tears streaming down his face. It was all I could to not to break down with him in that moment,” the boy’s father said.

Here’s the toy that would endanger passengers:

flip grip

The TSA magnanimously offered the family the option of putting the toy in their checked baggage but they had only carry-ons,

I realize this is nowhere near the worst thing that the TSA has done, but it is infuriating to get harassed by an organization that has been proven incompetent at keeping passengers safe. They still get to exercise their authority to protect us from a plastic toy.