TSA Punishes A Young Girl for Forgetting a Drink in Her Bag

Robby Soaves at Reason.com wants to know why the TSA agent isn’t being charged with sexual battery. It is a reasonable question (no pun intended) not least because TSA agents have been caught manipulating the system in order to get to do homosexual groping of targeted people.

Vendela Payne, a 10-year-old from San Diego, California, inadvertently smuggled a Capri sun juice box into her luggage at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The TSA caught her, which triggered a mandatory pat down. Vendela’s father, Kevin Payne, recorded the incident: watch it here.

This was no perfunctory pat down. Over the course of two full minutes, a female TSA agent touched nearly every inch of Vendela’s body. She firmly ran her hands over the girl’s arms, legs, chest, back, and waistline. When the agent tugged up on Vendela’s shirt—seemingly in order to untuck and get under it—the girl instinctively pulled it back down.

Vendela wasn’t wearing baggy clothes, and a much less intrusive pat down would have been sufficient to prove she wasn’t carrying more contraband. It’s hard not to see the TSA’s literal heavy-handedness as some kind of punishment for the elder Payne, who was clearly incensed that his daughter had to be touched at all.

The TSA has never caught a terrorist. They are unionized prison guards (the prison being the United States) who have been put in place to ritually humiliate the public. This incident teaches the sheep that they are impotent before our watchdogs, and if the watchdogs want to act like wolves there is nothing the sheep can do about it.

As far as terrorism is concerned: if a terrorist was smuggling something on his person, he wouldn’t leave a juice pack in his luggage to alert the TSA. Only regular people who don’t ever think of terrorism will leave a juice box in their luggage. The policy that justified feeling up her entire body wasn’t about security. It was punishment. People who inadvertently break a rule are singled out for public degradation so that the rest of us will hear about it and fear.

The TSA is glad that this made the news. They know that parents will be more careful about their own and their children’s luggage to make sure it contains no “contraband.”

There is nothing we can do and there is nothing that Congress will do for us.