TSA Scores Five Percent When Tested

The TSA scores have declined during the last eight years from a 40 to 25 percent failing grade to a five percent failing grade.

The TSA will never answer for their declining record because we already know they refuse to answer to Congress about it. In the past, they have classified their failures as “secret” so that they wouldn’t have to be held accountable for them. If we aren’t allowed to know how the TSA scores in providing for our security, then we have no choice but to keep submitting our money to their budget and our bodies to their machinery and groping hands.

In the meantime, the TSA still hasn’t caught a terrorist, though they have managed to protect us from a student learning Arabic.

The Week reports, “Undercover testing finds TSA missed 95 percent of fake bombs, weapons.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) conducted 70 undercover tests to determine if the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could detect fake bombs and other weapons at airport checkpoints. A whopping 67 of those tests failed.


The agency has a long history of failing tests and missing loaded guns, knives, and explosives.

Perhaps most frustrating is that the TSA appears to be getting worse: This latest test had a 95 percent failure rate, while similar tests in 2007 “only” failed 60 to 75 percent of the time.

If we go by school grades, all of these scores are complete failures. But, unlike knowledge of a subject matter, real airport security doesn’t admit of degrees. If 95 percent of threats can get through TSA “security,” or even only fifty percent, that would mean we are wide open to attack.

But notice that this hasn’t happened since 9/11.

With TSA scores this low, how can anyone believe we are under “constant” threats? If we were under such threat, there would already have been more attacks.

Yet, just like with the Patriot Act expiring, the government believers will act as if anyone who threatens any of the funding, let alone the existence, of the TSA is making us unsafe.

No, the TSA leaves us unsafe. If the airports provided their own security they would be far more likely to respond to failures by imposing real reforms. And they would fire the incompetents.