TSA Searching Cars At Airports

It was only a matter of time before the TSA would move out of their comfort zone of groping people’s pants in a crowded airport for “security” reasons and expand into other areas. Like people’s cars parked at the airport.

Apparently, for about a month, the TSA at Rochester International Airport in New York have been ordering valet attendants to search valet parked cars for explosives. They’re required to search the trunk and the engine and then scan the interior. They say it only takes 30 seconds, so it should be no big deal. Yeah, but we’re talking about the TSA here. Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile. Sure, it might be 30 seconds now, but just wait. Soon, it’ll be 30 minutes, and they’ll be tearing up people’s cars looking for the slightest indication that someone might be a drug dealer or terrorist. For “national security” purposes, of course.

A local NBC affiliate reported on what happened that brought this new policy to light:

“Laurie Iacuzza walked to her waiting car at the Greater Rochester International Airport after returning from a trip, and that’s when she found it – a notice saying her car was inspected after she left for her flight. She said, ‘I was furious. They never mentioned it to me when I booked the valet or when I picked up the car or when I dropped it off.’ Iacuzza’s car was inspected by valet attendants on orders from the TSA.”

The TSA say they order these searches for valet parked cars only. Greater Rochester’s TSA Federal Security Director John McCaffrey said that they don’t search the ones in the parking garage, since even if one of those cars had a large amount of explosives, it wouldn’t do any real damage to the airport. But for the valet parked vehicles, they’re parked closer and may only be parked there for 30 minutes or an hour and therefore pose a more viable threat.

I keep hearing government officials and members of law enforcement say that there should be no expectation of privacy. Everything we do now is tracked and logged, and our cars can be searched without probable cause, without warrant and without our consent or knowledge.

They say the terrorists hate us for our “freedom.” So, I guess their plan is to take away our freedom in order to appease the terrorists so they won’t hate us anymore? But I thought we were also fighting endless wars in the Middle East so that we could be “free.” I don’t get it.