TV Journalist Confronts State Department about Lying

Wow, you mean after more than five long years of complicity the press is finally going to start calling out this Administration on its repeated lies? I hope they keep up with this.

From the Daily Caller: “NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Catches State Dept Spokeswoman In Lie.”

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell called out a deputy State Department spokeswoman for falsely describing the White House’s history of briefing Congress on sensitive operations like the Bergdahl trade, repeatedly refuting her claim that President Obama did not inform Congress before launching the bin Laden raid.


The veteran foreign affairs correspondent rejected the White House’s explanation that informing Congress would have compromised the mission, noting that the administration had no trouble sharing sensitive information with relevant lawmakers in the run up to the 2011 bin Laden raid.

“The bin Laden raid was completely briefed for 11 months,” Mitchell explained, “and in fact, in the 48 hours prior to the raid, was briefed to the top leaders –”

“It was not actually, it was not,” Harf interjected. “The bin Laden raid was the only other time we haven’t briefed Congress in an operation.”

“Marie,” Mitchell replied gently, “in fact, that was claimed initially by [former National Security Advisor] Tom Donilon, in fact, in a conference with me a week ago. But since that time, Mike Morrell said it was completely briefed — he was acting CIA director — and in contemporaneous timeframe, I talked to a Senate chairman the day after the raid and he said, ‘I’m so sorry I couldn’t talk to you that Sunday,’ we were together. It was briefed.”

I couldn’t help blurting out in laughter when Ms. Harf said the group holding Bowe Bergdahl was “ruthless”… oh my goodness. Pictures have been shown of one of the guys we set free with six bloody heads at his feet… my, oh my… so the group holding him was “ruthless” but we apparently let go five top leaders of this “ruthless” group!

This is all a game to these people—these Administration prostitutes have sold their souls to keep the mindless in line. But anyone with 1/10th of a brain can see right through their total balderdash.

Wake up, America… at least Andrea Mitchell came out of her slumber for one interview.

Kudos, Andrea… your husband remains one of the great traitors against the American people, but for one shining moment you did well.