Two Colorado Anti-Gun State Senators Go Down in Recall Election

The Colorado recall election was successful. The president of the Senate in Colorado is John Morse. I should say, was the president of the state senate. He was the main push behind restricting gun freedoms for the people of Colorado. He is a Democrat. The people of Colorado wanted their Second Amendment freedom backs, so they mounted a recall election effort.

The vast majority of the people in Colorado didn’t kill anybody. They aren’t murderers. Why should their freedoms be restricted because of the evil acts of others? The “sickness” is with those who use guns in an unlawful way. That’s where the focus should be.

The freedom-loving people of Colorado took charge and were successful in getting a recall election scheduled. John Morse is now the first-ever senator in Colorado to be successfully recalled.

Not only did Morse push anti-gun legislation in the state, he “openly ignored emails and messages from his constituents.” He ticked off the voters. He thought he was safe because he was a Democrat in a Democrat-controlled state. He was wrong.

That was the cake. Here’s the icing. State Sen. Angela Giron was also recalled. Two Republicans will replace their leadership in Democrat strongholds:

“Coloradans … sent a clear message that politicians who blatantly ignore their constituents will be held accountable,” said Dustin Zvonek, state director of Americans for Prosperity. “Perhaps this will serve as a lesson that one-party rule in Denver doesn’t give the majority license to take things to extremes or run roughshod over the values and rights of Coloradans who just happen, for the moment, to be in the minority.”

“Tonight is a victory for the people of the state of Colorado, who have been subject to the overreach of a Democrat agenda on guns, taxes and accountability to the people,” said Tim Knight, Founder of the Basic Freedom Defense Fund and the “father” of the recalls. “Since day one, they said it couldn’t be done. Tonight, this is a victory for the people of Colorado, and we share this victory with them.”

But even with the two state senate ousters, the Democrats rule the state, although with only a one-seat majority in the Senate because of the recall. Let’s hope the GOP doesn’t blow it.

As usual, there were some weak-kneed Republicans who didn’t like the recall effort: “I think this is the wrong way to settle differences,” said Dorothy Carr, 79, as she waited in line to vote in Morse’s district. How is an election the wrong way to settle political differences?

The recall effort has energized the conservative base in Colorado. 2014 is an off-year election. There’s a good chance that more Democrats can be ousted. If this is the condition of liberal politics in Blue-State Colorado and conservative voting action, maybe there will be further progress next year.

The problem is, there are too many Dorothy Carrs in the Republican party.