Two Pictures of the Police in Ferguson

Here are two pictures that tell a troubling story about modern “Law Enforcement” as demonstrated by the police in Ferguson.

armored truck Ferguson police

They drive in like wannabe Rambos, then stand around, appearing as consummate cowards, and watch as criminals run riot, looting and destroying.

Here is a Fox News report: “‘There are no police’: Ferguson store owners guard businesses; cite lack of police response.”

Looters in Ferguson, Mo., were met with little police resistance Friday night and store owners say they were forced to protect their businesses with their own guns, reported.

“I think the first message is to remind all law enforcement that they are hired to serve and protect and if they’re going to sit back and watch looting, they’re not serving us; they’re not protecting us,” Pastor Robert White told the station.

A reporter from the station tweeted that police cars were seen driving past some of the stores being looted and did not respond. It rained in Ferguson Friday night and protesters could be seen outside until 6 a.m.

Two store owners, standing outside their business holding guns, told that when they called 911, they were sent from one police agency to another, and got no response.

One of the owners, with a large black gun resting on his shoulder, told the station that police were lined up blocks from the looting, and did not engage looters making off with large boxes from these stores.

“There’s no police,” he said. “We trusted the police to keep it peaceful; they didn’t do their job.”

If I lived in Missouri I’d be asking why my tax dollars are paying for such a thuggish show-of-force, only to have officers stand around collecting overtime to watch the city burn. Let them watch from home, like everyone else, if they’re not going to do their job.

Yes, it’s admittedly a no-win situation: The community is “outraged” over a police shooting, but then wants the police to shoot looters. No one will accuse this generation of having any sense of logic.

No white hats in the scenario, and we need a real conversation about police.

Please take note: Tyrants like Michael Bloomberg and so many others tell you to turn in your guns, and dial 9-1-1–the police will be there for you.

But look at what’s happening in St. Louis. Criminals are running wild–stealing, assaulting, burning, and destroying–the people call 9-1-1, and NO ONE comes!!

It’s time to take the keys to the Humvees and MRAPs away, and redistribute the automatic weapons wealth to the people. Fire the police, and take back responsibility as citizens to watch out for our neighbors ourselves, and don’t trust hired-wolves who run when the going gets tough.

Oh, but they’re good at SWAT raids to seize vehicles that pollute too much.