Two Shootings This Week, But Only One Got Much Media Coverage

From NBC News: “FedEx Facility Shooting Prompts Massive Response, Shooter Found Dead.”

A package handler with a shot gun and bullets strapped to his chest “like Rambo” wounded six people at a Georgia FedEx facility early Tuesday before he was found dead of an apparent suicide, authorities and witnesses said.

The male suspect died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound during the workplace shooting in Kennesaw, north of Atlanta, and was found inside the FedEx facility’s loading dock, reported NBC affiliate WXIA-TV.

The six victims range from ages 19 to 52, and three remained in critical condition Tuesday afternoon, said Dr. Michael Nitzken, of Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. One of them required advance life support.

Those with critical injuries suffered multiple gunshot wounds, while others had “peripheral damage,” Nitzken said. One person was released.

Cobb County police spokesman Mike Bowman said officers were “sweeping” the area around the building Tuesday morning for any “secondary devices.” No explosives were found. The suspect was identified only as a male employee of FedEx.

Police were first called to the scene just before 6 a.m., prompting a lockdown of the facility on Airport Road and more than 100 officers to swarm the scene.

Two workplace shootings this week. One, at FedEx, where multiple people were shot, was all over the news. What about this one?

Oh yeah, FedEx was a posted “gun-free” zone, and employees were sitting ducks. In Austin, Texas, the intended victim had his own weapon to return fire, and who knows how many lives he saved, including his own.

Look, I get it. Some people really don’t like guns. They frighten you. They frighten me, too… as do knives, bombs, and broken bottles in the hands of maniacs. But a gun in the hands of a responsible citizen… it just might save your life—and/or your children’s lives—one day.

Leave men free to be that hero.