Two Women Assault Cop; Warrant Issued for Their Arrest

Watch the video showing these two women assault cop and ask yourself what is wrong with the San Jose Police Department.

cop being assaulted

This assault took place, allegedly, September. You would think that an assault on a police officer would involve immediate action, but that didn’t happen. The San Jose PD issued a warrant for the two dangerous assailants after this video surfaced. [Note: I think I have the video fixed now. If you don’t see it below you can also go here to view it.]

So, first let me say, as a father of two daughters, that I hope mine will support each other in this way. I will also point out that, if either of those women had been armed, this might have ended far worse for that out-of-control off-duty police officer. I suppose in California there is not much chance of that, so a strong cop feels secure in getting into a grappling contest with a young girl.

I guess we will eventually hear some carefully contrived story about how the girl reacted or did something wrong that started this weird altercation. But if you or I had been in a fender bender we would have simply recorded the license plate and reported what happened. This man would have gotten much faster response from his fellow police officers. There was no reason in the world for him to decide to, uh, “settle” things on the spot.

Yes, the man may have yelled he was a cop. This woman waved a badge too. Another individual invested in the flashing lights and stopped several people before messing up and pulling over a real cop. Claiming to be a cop while engaged in a violent assault on a young woman is not a credible way to convince anyone that you are a cop. People claiming to be cops do so precisely to get away with crimes because people who are believed to be cops can get away with just about anything.

From the Photography Is Not A Crime website:

After video of a man wrestling a woman and throwing her against a car came to light Tuesday, the San Jose Police Department issued a warrant – for the woman’s arrest.

Of course the man “being assaulted” was none other than an off-duty San Jose Cop in plainclothes. The officer reportedly approached the woman – without identifying himself as a police officer – after a fender bender between their cars.

Rather than write down their license plate number and take it from there, as many of us would do, he proceeded to attack what appears to be a teenage girl.

During the struggle, he yells out that he is a cop, but to the casual observer, he looks to be a sadistic abductor. But without the help of his gun, taser, pepper spray or handcuffs, the officer was no match for the woman.

Especially once her sister steps in and frees her from the officer’s clutches.

As the two females run to their car to make their getaway from this apparent madman, the officer finally pulls out what appears to be a badge and attempts to show them as they drive away.

It was the officer’s first apparent identification of himself as law enforcement.

Where the police would normally arrest a man who approached a person after a fender bender and initiated physically violence, the as yet unnamed officer is of course given immunity by his police department, while the woman he assaulted now has a warrant out for her arrest for a “hit and run,” and for using force against the officer.

The charge of a hit and run may be true. But you and I both know that we would be in jail if we dealt with a driver that way. The real sickening aspect of this case is not the violent officer. I don’t blame police departments when a cop does wrong. The sick part is the way the Police Department shamelessly backs him and claims the girls are assailants.