U.N. Butts In to Trayvon Martin Killing

Did I miss something? Did we just dissolve the national government and all our state governments and hand the keys to the United Nations while I was making a snack in the kitchen?

I mean, I know the United Nations has for years through Agenda 21, the United Religions Initiative and support groups like the Council on Foreign Relations been trying to take over the United States and complete its hold on global power.

But I don’t think the buyout’s been quite finalized just yet.

Which makes the United Nations’ butting in to the Trayvon Martin case all the more infuriating.

We have a justice system that works. It’s not perfect, but it works. If you’re accused of a crime, you get a jury and everything.

That’s what happened in the case of George Zimmerman, the suspect in Martin’s killing.

There’s no need to rehash what happened in the trial or on the night Zimmerman shot Martin dead. The prosecutors did not prove that it was murder, the jury found Zimmerman not guilty and he walked out of the courthouse a free man.

Except for the media-whipped mobs that wanted to kill him and his family.

Because Zimmerman got another trial along with the one our justice system gave him.

This one took place in the media. The judges were the same people as the prosecutors. They had names like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

The jury, rather than being selected from a sampling of voters — Zimmerman’s “peers” — was composed of people from MSNBC, CBS, CNN and other media outlets.

There was no defense, unless you count underpaid conservative bloggers, and the entire trial took place in an afternoon, immediately following Zimmerman’s arrest.

In the justice system, you’re presumed innocent until proven guilty.

In the race-baiting, media-circus justice system, you’re presumed guilty if police hold a press conference and give your picture to reporters.

In the justice system, Zimmerman was found not guilty.

In the media system, Zimmerman was guilty as sin and twice as ugly. Just to show how ugly and racist he was, the media and race-baiters proclaimed him not only guilty, but white — this despite being Hispanic.

When the justice system let Zimmerman walk, the race-baiters had to fight back. Attorney General Eric Holder wasn’t having any luck framing Zimmerman, and the American public, except for a few hundred losers and looters, wasn’t buying into the whole racial shame game.

This left Sharpton, et al, no choice but to go to a what they think is a higher authority: the U.N.

Now, the United Nations is demanding to know why the white guy wasn’t skinned alive and fed to the hogs.

They actually said it a little more nicely — something about reviewing laws to see if they conform to “international standards.”

But however it was said, it was still done in the language of busybody, uber-nosy globalists.

This Administration, which would probably appreciate some input on how to frame Zimmerman, seems likely to comply with the U.N. overlords’ demands.

If there’s any sense left in Washington, though, they’ll send the U.N. packing and tell them to mind their own business, while we take care of ours.