U.N. Contemplates Forced Migration of Californians

Never let a good crisis go to waste, especially if you caused it in the first place.

Isn’t that the motto of modern liberalism?

We’re definitely seeing that slogan put into action by leftists, from the White House to the State House to the City Hall in the case of the border crisis.

As wave after wave of illegal immigrants — at least a fifth of whom are gang members and assorted criminals rather than innocent “children” — have invaded our country, politicians on the left side of the aisle have been whining and sermonizing about how we need to grant them all amnesty.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi just yesterday was crying about the “meanness” of people who didn’t want to support amnesty as it became apparent that John Boehner’s toothless border bill was going down to defeat.

Pelosi, from California’s Bay Area, has been on her high horse of late, rediscovering her alleged Catholic faith as she preaches to everyone within earshot about the poor suffering children coming across our border and how we have to take care of and nurture them and their families. My guess is either she needs a new staff for her mansion or she’s being subsidized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which sees the border crisis as an opportunity for businesses to underpay even more employees who are motivated not to speak to the authorities.

You’d think that politicians from California would be more circumspect on immigration, given the state’s history with illegal immigrants and the attendant crime rates and drug trade. But the border has been virtually open for so long that generations of illegal immigrants have raised families here and insinuated themselves into positions of influence until the state’s only real law on immigration is lawlessness.

Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, has gone so far as to criticize Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who actually believes in protecting his state and country, by saying illegal immigrants prefer California. This week, Moonbeam was in South America when he suggested that global warming was behind the flood of illegal immigrants into the United States.

All of this Democratic talk is just to push amnesty, which the Left thinks will guarantee it stays in power for the next century, but will incidentally destroy what remains of the American way of life, culture and spirit.

But as insidious as the Left’s plotting is, the United Nations may have outdone even some of America’s traitorous politicians.

In addition to its immigration problem, California is in year umpty-ump of a manmade perpetual drought, brought on by poor water management and destruction of reservoirs and making resources off-limits in the name of environmentalism. For the past couple of years, nature has piled on California’s back with exceptionally low rainfall and snow.

Now, the United Nations is lurking in the wings, waiting to pounce.

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor Map shows 58 percent of the state is in “exceptional drought” stage, the highest level and up an amazing 22 percent from a mere week ago, when 36 percent of the state was in exceptional drought conditions.

If that’s not enough to signal a plot afoot, along comes Lynn Wilson, academic chair of Kaplan University by day and member of the United Nations climate change delegation by night.

According to her, the drought conditions in California are so bad, that the United Nations might have to step in.

Recently, the U.N. has been eyeing Detroit for intervention because that city has been cutting off the water supply to a large chunk of its poor residents. But now, the U.N. is thinking of moving up to an entire state.

And the plan this time isn’t just to bring in water. That would be too easy and sane.

According to Wilson, as reported by CNBC, the U.N.’s solution may be forced migration of the California population to somewhere else.

“Civilizations in the past have had to migrate out of areas of drought,” Wilson said. “We may have to migrate people out of California.”

Call me a worry-wart, but I become concerned when bureaucrats start spewing sentences where “people” are the object of the verb rather than the subject.

Wilson added that of coooouuuurrrrrssse there would be other measures tried first, such as importing water, but “migration can’t be taken off the table.”

If we had representative government in California like they have in Texas, that Wilson’s words would be the cue for the governor to tell the United Nations to pound sand, but Moonbeam, Pelosi, et al, probably consider Wilson’s comments as signalling more room for the Chosen People (illegal immigrants and drug cartel employees).

Well, if the U.N. is going to take over and start shipping people out of the state, per Agenda 21, I would suggest starting with anyone registered Democrat. That would really fix up the place.