How the U.S. Armed Al Qaeda Again

By arming “moderates” who then surrendered to radical Islamists, the U.S. armed Al Qaeda.

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You know, we’ve got to stop electing Ivory Tower Ivy League idiots to office. Give me someone from the University of Nebraska or Oklahoma—in other words, people who understand reality, rather than failed “perfect world” theories.

Let’s see, we train “moderate” jihadis, give them advanced weaponry, then—amazing to tell—those “moderates” immediately turn around and “surrender” to the most vile groups, joining them with their training and weaponry.

As the Telegraph reports, “Syrian rebels armed and trained by US surrender to al-Qaeda.”

Two of the main rebel groups receiving weapons from the United States to fight both the regime and jihadist groups in Syria have surrendered to al-Qaeda.

The US and its allies were relying on Harakat Hazm and the Syrian Revolutionary Front to become part of a ground force that would attack the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

For the last six months the Hazm movement, and the SRF through them, had been receiving heavy weapons from the US-led coalition, including GRAD rockets and TOW anti-tank missiles.

But on Saturday night Harakat Hazm surrendered military bases and weapons supplies to Jabhat al-Nusra, when the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria stormed villages they controlled in northern Idlib province.

The development came a day after Jabhat al-Nusra dealt a final blow to the SRF, storming and capturing Deir Sinbal, home town of the group’s leader Jamal Marouf.

When you’re dealing with people whose “Scriptures” tell them they should lie to “infidels,” what in the heck do you expect? A different outcome?

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Hey, John McCain! Barack Obama! look at your friends now! No, really… please… take a plane over, and look at them… face-to-face… right down the barrel of the guns, anti-tank weapons, and surface-to-air missiles you gave them! This is one trip in Air Force One we’ll gladly pay for—take as many members of Congress as will fit on the plane.

Morons. Total morons.

This is what happens to a culture under judgment—it commits suicide.