The U.S. Is Arming Islamic Terrorists Again

Involvement in a war against ISIS involves the U.S. in arming Islamic terrorists—this time Iran-backed militias.

Here’s some unsurprising news from Josh Rogin at Bloomberg View: “Iran-Backed Militias Are Getting U.S. Weapons.”

U.S. weapons intended for Iraq’s beleaguered military are winding up in the possession of the country’s Shiite militias, according to U.S. lawmakers and senior officials in the Barack Obama administration. These sources say that the Baghdad government, which was granted $1.2 billion in training and equipment aid in the omnibus spending bill passed last month, is turning hardware over to Shiite militias that are heavily influenced by Iran and have been guilty of gross human-rights violations. 

One senior administration official told us that the U.S. government is aware of this, but is caught in a dilemma. The flawed Iraqi security forces are unable to fight Islamic State without the aid of the militias, who are often trained and sometimes commanded by officers from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. And yet, if the U.S. stopped sending arms to the Iraqi military, things would get even worse, with IS overrunning more of the country and committing human-rights horrors on a broader scale. The risk of not aiding them was greater than the risk of aiding them, the official said, adding that this didn’t mean the administration was unconcerned about the risks involved.

The official added that while the government in Baghdad under new Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi has been more responsive to U.S. concerns about weapons transfers than the previous government of Nouri al-Maliki, it has not been vigilant enough.

The largest weapons-trafficker to criminal groups and regimes around the world is, without question, the United States Government. You and I bear responsibility for arming drug lords in Mexico and jihadis throughout the world.

Please think of that each time you see a story about an American military member killed by one of these groups, or a Federal agent or civilian murdered by narcotics thugs. More than that, think of it each time you see a story about Mexican citizens and police, or about innocent Arabs and others being chased, terrorized, beheaded, blown and shot up.

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By failing to rein in folks like Senator John McInsane, we have blood on our hands.