U.S. Congresswoman’s Husband Killed by Obamacare Incentives

Obamacare incentives helped a beloved husband die and they are doing the same to many more now.


Back in October, I posted about the story that people were avoiding needed medical care because the Obamacare plans involved high deductibles or co-pays. Under Obamacare as it exists now, Americans are basically paying insurance premiums and not getting anything in return. If they avoid the doctor to avoid paying their deductible then they will probably never reach the point that the insurance company has to start helping them with expenses.

This is, of course, a bonanza for insurance companies. They wrote their legislation well. No wonder Jonathan Gruber made so much money.

But it also gets people sick and killed.

Today a U.S. Congresswomen testified about how incentives matter. These were different incentives than those involving the price of Obamacare, but they had a similar effect.

In this case, the problem with Obamacare is that one didn’t know whether one was enrolled in the system or not.

Cynthia Lummis spoke at the House Oversight and Government Reform hearing and on C-span. The hearing featured the lying liar, Jonathan Gruber.

Lummis lost her husband, Alvin Wiederspahn, to a fatal heart attack in his sleep when he was sixty-five years old.

How does Obamacare figure into the death?

Lummis testified that Wiederspahn had been suffering from chest pain, but Obamacare removed any confidence that he could afford the required tests. The couple had enrolled in Obamacare and had received confirmation. But then, when they applied for reimbursements in their medical expenses, they were told that they were not enrolled.

It was at this time that Lummis’ husband started noticing the pain. The doctor told him to get tested. Wiederspahn did not follow that advice, apparently because he was unsure about how he would pay for it.

According to the Daily Signal,

“I want to suggest, that regardless of what happened to me personally, that there have been so many glitches in the passage and implementation of Obamacare that have real-life consequences on people’s lives,” Lummis said. “And the so-called ‘glibness’ that has been referenced today have direct consequences for real American people. So get over your d**n glibness.”

Notice that, even though the root cause is slightly different, this is exactly the same problem we have now. People are being discouraged from getting proper medical care because they can’t afford it through Obamacare. Here we have a real-life example of how this problem can work itself out. People die of preventable problems because they have been put in a system that discourages them from seeking needed care.

Seriously, Obamacare kills people dead.