U.S. Mayors Produce Faux Compassion for Immigrants

The mayors’ faux compassion is obvious. Compassion requires resources and effort. When you don’t use your own resources, but those of other people, you are not compassionate. These mayors plan to use other peoples’ resources.

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Thus, we read in the Latin Post, “Immigration News Today: US Mayors Agree to ‘Support and Welcome’ Refugee Central American Children.”

A dozen U.S. mayors have agreed to support immigrant children from Central America seeking refuge.

Welcoming America, a nonprofit organization that promotes cooperation between foreign-born and U.S.-born Americans, released a letter signed by 12 mayors and a county executive promising to “compassionately support and welcome the young children from Central America seeking refuge in the U.S.”

“As we reflect back on the initial concerns raised around children fleeing violence, we see that our values have prevailed,” said Welcoming America Executive Director David Lubell. “These leaders are demonstrating that communities have responded with compassion, and can successfully help children in need, now and into the future.”

The letter acknowledged young children from Central American countries have traveled thousands of miles to seek shelter in the U.S. According to Welcoming America’s letter, the Central American minors have encountered abuse during the travel north. Despite the minors’ surrender to U.S. border patrol agents, the children still pursue help.

The mayors and a county executive – Isiah Leggett of Montgomery, Maryland – want Americans across the country to have “compassion and concern” for the immigrant children. The signees noted that many of the children have families living in their communities, and residents are called to provide shelter and care for those lacking basic necessities.

“This isn’t a political issue — it’s a humanitarian one,” said Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta, Georgia, one of the mayors who signed the letter. He added, “As the moral compass of our country, we recognize that being welcoming is consistent with our values as a nation and that includes taking care of the welfare of all of the children in our communities.”

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None of these people are doing a thing for the children. They are making other people do it. They are simply taking credit as moral superheroes when other people are expected to do all the work. Nor are they spending their own money on the children. They are using taxpayer money or else taxpayer financed debt to take care of these immigrant children.

Politics is a game for posers.