U.S. Media Is Ignoring Putin’s Aggression.

Putin’s aggression is getting no media attention and no U.S. response.

From Newsweek: “Putin Is More Dangerous Than ISIS and 1,000 Al Qaedas Says Garry Kasparov.”

Garry Kasparov, the world’s most renowned chess master, has branded Vladimir Putin “the most dangerous man in the world” in a passionate interview with Yahoo News, in which he stressed that the Russian President is more dangerous that Islamic State (ISIS) and “all the Al-Qaedas in the world”.

Asked if Islamic State or Putin were a bigger threat to global stability, Kasparov responded with “Of course Putin… Of course Putin!”

“Because Putin cannot be defeated militarily,” he explained. “The war with ISIS can be won on the ground. It is very clear that if America decides to eliminate ISIS, they will turn it into dust in 24 hours!”


“You will eliminate ISIS there will be another ISIS, but obviously you have clear solutions because you know exactly where the money comes from. You can go after Qatar, you can go after Saudi Arabia, you can create a coalition that will eventually squeeze ISIS both militarily and financially.”

“But you cannot do it with Putin. Putin is a permanent threat,” Kasparov said.

Despite what Mr. Kasparov says, the reality is that the American elite don’t want any attention placed upon what’s happening in Ukraine right now. The story is over a month old but I want to direct you attention to it because it provides some context for more recent news. I found a story yesterday but it is stuck behind a pay wall.

But I also have my own sources.

An American journalist who regularly feeds stories to the press in the United States from Moscow shared with me that editors have told him they don’t want any news about the new Russian offensive just launched in Ukraine—it’s like the war doesn’t exist, and Ukrainians can die in silence, with the world’s attention elsewhere.

This despite the fairly well-documented fact that the United States sparked the most recent crisis in Ukraine itself, with a stupid attempt to pull Kiev away from Moscow. We goaded them to put their heads on the chopping-block, with promises of our help, and now we walk away. Despicable beyond words.