U.S. Plans to Evict Syrian President and Dissolve Parliament because Democracy

This is so brazen even I am surprised. AP reports, “US sees Assad staying in Syria until March 2017.”

The Obama administration has a vision for Syrian leader Bashar Assad’s departure. Even if it works, the president won’t be around to see the plan through.

An internal U.S. timeline for a best-case Syrian political transition, obtained by The Associated Press, sets a date of March 2017 for Assad to “relinquish” his position as president and for his “inner circle” to depart. That is two months after President Barack Obama leaves office and more than five years after Obama first called for Assad to leave.

Syria, according to the would-be American strategy, would hold votes for a new president and parliament in August 2017 — some 19 months from now.

So the Syrian people can vote for anyone… except Assad. Does anyone smell the hypocrisy of a superpower forcing an election on a smaller country and limiting who they may vote for?

On the other hand, what if the Syrians vote for an Islamic regime? Is that in America’s best interests? Why are we claiming the right to govern another country?

The U.S. timeline envisions the Security Council signing off on a framework for negotiations between Assad’s representatives and the opposition, leading to the formation of a security committee in April. That would be accompanied by an amnesty for some government and military members, and moderate opposition leaders and fighters. The transitional governing body would then be created.

In May, the Syrian parliament would dissolve, according to the timeline. The Security Council would recognize the new transitional authority and lay out the transition’s next steps. These include major political reforms, the nomination of an interim legislature and an international donors’ conference to fund Syria’s transition and reconstruction.

That last item on the list means the American taxpayer would be soaked to line the pockets of wealthy contractors. The poor and middle class will be shaken down for the sake of the rich.

And where do we get off dissolving Syria’s parliament?